Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder Review - Available With or Without Tilt (Angle Compensation)

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Simmons Volt 600 rangefinder with Tilt Intelligence
Image Credit - Simmons Optics

Yard Range: 10-600 yards
Magnification: 4X20 mm objective lens
Display Type: LCD/Black
Dimensions: 1.9" x 3.6" x 4.2"/7.7 oz
Waterproof/Fog-proof: No/Yes
Angle Compensation: No (Volt 600) / Yes (Volt 600 Tilt)
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Line of sight

Use: Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Target Shooting

Update: The Simmons Volt 600 Tilt has been discontinued and replaced with the Venture 600 Tilt. Check it out at Amazon & Optics Planet.

Simmons Volt 600 Review

Hunters on a budget have depended on Simmons' rangefinders for a long time, and they don't disappoint when you need an optic to get you out in the hunt today. Hot on the heels of the LRF 600 exit is the Volt 600. Is it really an upgrade or just a second-rate replacement?

The Volt 600 rangefinder has 4X magnification with 20mm objective lens. These specs provide you with a 5mm exit pupil, and the perfect low magnification for close range hunting. We should also mention that Simmons is one of only a few manufacturers to provide a rangefinder with such low power for close range hunters.

The LCD display has a black reticle with black readouts. While the black font may be difficult to read in low light or in shaded areas with dark objects, this is true of all LCD display rangefinders. However, the Simmons rangefinder has a simple display which is something that many users applaud. It's uncluttered, clear, and straightforward.

However, despite the no-frills package of the unit, some users found the Volt 600 to be a disappointment. Many complaints are due to user error and some are legitimate defective items that can be claimed under warranty. We'll address the issues in the Q&A below.

But, for the most part, the unassuming rangefinder is exactly what it advertises to be - a close range and user-friendly tool to aid in distance measurements.


  • Price
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Compact/lightweight
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Low power/4X


  • Defective units
  • No battery included

Simmons Volt 600 4X20 Q&A:

What are the Drawbacks of the Volt 600 Rangefinder?

Many buyers will find the LCD display difficult to read in shaded areas or in low light conditions, but the red LED displays will put you into a higher price range and Simmons doesn't currently offer an LED rangefinder. Also, some buyers reported that their rangefinder wouldn't turn on. A 9 volt battery is required for operation and isn't included in the purchase. You'll have to buy your own battery before you can operate the unit.

What are common Yardage complaints of the Volt 600?

Users complained about inaccurate readings. This issue is indicative of a defective unit and must be returned to Simmons for replacement. Buyers also complained of not being able to reach maximum yardages on big game. To be fair, the advertised 600 yards is for highly reflective objects. The rangefinder is only effective for soft targets like big game up to 200 yards and to trees up to 400 yards. With 4X power for close range hunters, 100-400 yards is sufficient. For more info on target reflectivity and how it affects rangefinder performance, check out our "The Truth About Rangefinder Yardage Claims" article.

How to Maximize Use of the Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder for Distance Measuring?

If you're struggling to read the display in low light conditions, you're not out of luck. During the day, you should range reference points such as landmarks, trees, and other nearby objects for a distance estimate. Waiting for game to come into that location will already set you up with an idea of where your target is because you did the prep work beforehand. You won't have to be disappointed if it's getting dark and you can't see a darn thing on your rangefinder.

Simmons 801601 Volt 600
Image Credit - Simmons Optics

What are the Differences Between the LRF and the Volt 600?

The optical specs, display and reticle, and size of the new Volt 600 are all exactly the same as the discontinued LRF models. They both range out to 600 yards as advertised, the internal mechanisms and display are identical, but the the ergonomics on the Volt 600 have been upgraded.

What does the Display look like?

The Simmons Volt 600 display features a square reticle that features the distance readout below the reticle. The only other icon on the display is the battery indicator. When the rangefinder is active in acquiring a distance, four diagonal hashmarks will appear at each corner of the box reticle.

Screen Display on Volt 600 Rangefinder
Image Credit - Simmons Optics

Does the Volt 600 have Angle Compensation?

The Simmons Volt 600 rangefinder comes in two models - without Tilt and with Tilt. Budget rangefinders usually lack the angle compensation feature to keep costs down. However, for hunters in tree stands, in unpredictable terrain, and bowhunters, slope distances are a must-have. The Simmons Volt 600 with Tilt is the model available with angle compensation and takes our #2 spot for Best Target Shooting Rangefinders.

Does the Rangefinder have Value?

Not only is the Simmons brand for buyers on a budget, it's also a brand that sports no-fuss and no-nonsense optics. If you don't need all the latest technologies available, and you want to spend as minimal as possible without resorting to kids toys, Simmons is it.

The value lies in the low power, stable freehand use, and close ranging ability of the rangefinder that close range hunters will appreciate. The model with the Tilt feature increases value even further. But, without the Tilt, there are other longer range and higher powered rangefinders in the budget category with more value.

It just depends on your personal preferences and your needs.

What are the Improved Ergonomics of the Rangefinder?

The rangefinder underwent a transformation with its outer housing featuring rugged finger and thumb indents. While the shell isn't armored with any rubber making for a non-slip surface, the indents are knurled and the surface isn't completely smooth providing enough grip even with gloves on. It's still the exact same size as the older LRF models, such as the discontinued Simmons LRF 600, with dimensions of 1.9" x 3.6" x 4.2". While still compact, it's still slightly over-sized to comfortably hold in your hand.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Entry-level and basic unit that's easy and simple to use
  • Improved ergonomics for grip and easy handling
  • Uncluttered reticle and display
  • Low power unit for close range hunting and steady freehand use
  • Available with Tilt feature for angle compensation

Our Verdict On Simmons Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

The aim of it is, the Simmons Volt 600 rangefinder is a decent buy if you don't expect anything too fancy from it. If you just want a distance within 300 yards for game, it's your kinda buy.

Simmons Volt 600
Image Credit - Simmons Optics

Knowing it's a basic and entry-level unit firsthand will save you a lot of disappointment if you're looking for a longer range, higher-powered, and more feature-packed rangefinder.

If this unit seems like it'll suit your needs just fine, then up the value and your hunting game with the Simmons Volt 600 with Tilt. The added feature won't cost you much more, and you'll have those angle compensated distances for up to 99 yards - again, perfect for close range hunters and bowmen.

But, if you are looking for something with longer range and higher power, the AOFAR AF700L rangefinder is your 700 yard hunting and golf unit! What's better? It's even cheaper than the Volt 600 rangefinder, so you're going to save a few bucks and get that extra yardage at the same time.

Simmons doesn't have to compete against other brands when it comes to the budget category. They manufacture simple, easy to use, and basic rangefinders that hunters will want if that's what they're looking for. The Volt 600 is the perfect example of that.

If you want a $500 unit, you're in the wrong place. Keeping it simple means buying from Simmons!

Update: The Simmons Volt 600 Tilt has been discontinued and replaced with the Venture 600 Tilt. Check it out at Amazon & Optics Planet.

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