Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ConX Smart Laser Rangefinder Review

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Bushnell Elite 1 Mile Con X Rangefinder
Image Credit - Bushnell

Yard Range: 5-1760 yards
Magnification: 7X26 mm objective lens
Display Type: LED/Red
Dimensions: 1.7" x 5.1" x 3.7"/12.1 oz
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes
Angle Compensation: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Line of sight/Slope

Use: Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Target Shooting

Update: Bushnell have discontinued the Elite 1 Mile ConX Rangefinder. You might want to check out the popular new Nitro 1800 at Bushnell or Optics Planet instead.

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ConX Rangefinder Review

If there's a rangefinder out there that has every feature you can possibly have in one unit, then the Elite 1 Mile ConX rangefinder is it. We're not kidding. This thing is a beast in every respect from size to capabilities.

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile Con X connected to Smart Phone
Image Credit - Bushnell

To start with, the ConX unit is no ordinary rangefinder. It features ConX technology that allows Bluetooth technology so you can connect to iOS or Android platforms to your smartphone. Why would you need this ridiculously convenient technology?

This feature allows you to load up to three custom ballistic curves, connect to Kestrel windmeters, and detect advanced environmental and wind data to make the most accurate shot possible.

Adding to the smart rangefinder is the Vivid Display Technology with its LED screen for easy readability in any light condition. You also have high power with 7X magnification that can be made steady with a built-in tripod mount and/or the magnetic attachment system.

You can also benefit from its multiple modes that includes ARC for angle compensated distances, the VSI feature for Rifle Mode, and Bullseye and Brush modes for close or far target acquisition. And still, there's more to come!

But, what do the masses say? Overall, it's an excellent rangefinder if that's what you're looking for. However, the Con-X technology seems to be hit and miss when it comes to actual operation. Disconnects, generic data, and restart issues are the primary complaints about the Con-X. Perhaps, it needs more improvement for such a smart device?


  • Price
  • Angle compensation
  • Multiple target modes
  • Extreme long ranging distance
  • LED display


  • Con-X needs improvement

Elite 1 Mile Con-X Q&A:

How to Connect ConX to Smartphone?

You need to download the Bushnell CONX app on your smartphone. Open the app when installation is complete. Power on the rangefinder and depress the Fire button to allow bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone. Connect to the rangefinder on the CONX app and then press "back" in the top left corner of the app once the connection has been made.

What does the CONX screen on the app look like?

Once connected, you'll be able to see your selection of rifle on the screen. The app will also display the distance in yards, angle, and holdover in MOA.

How to Connect to Kestrel Meters?

On your rangefinder, set the mode to AB.

On your Kestrel, input your rifle info, ammo load, and caliber.

Activate the Bluetooth on the Kestrel to connect with the ConX.

Full instructions from Bushnell can be found in their quick-start guide.

What is the VSI features on the 1 Mile ConX?

This is the Variable Sight In feature that allows you to enter ballistic info for your rifle's zero at either 100, 150, 200, and 300 yards.

What is E.S.P. 2 Technology on Bushnell's ConX?

This is the engine in how accurate and fast the laser rangefinder will perform. This Bushnell rangefinder has Bushnell's latest 2nd generation ESP (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) engine that will calculate the distance within .5 yard accuracy up to 199 yards. The distance will be displayed in 1/10 yards.

What is Rifle Mode on the Elite 1 Mile ConX?

Ranging with a Bushnell Con X
Image Credit - Bushnell

This rangefinder has been designed for specific use with rifles.

Not that a bow man couldn't use this rangefinder, but it's been equipped with features like Rifle Mode to aid the rifle shooter in long distance shots.

Rifle mode provides bullet drop and holdover data for distances out to 1,000 yards in either inches, centimeters, MOA, and MIL.

What are the Target Modes on the CONX rangefinder?

The rangefinder has Bullseye mode that is Bushnell's term for first target mode. This ranges foreground objects to provide the distance to the nearest target. Brush mode is Bushnell's term for second target mode. This ranges background objects to provide the distance to the furthest target to enable ranging past brush, branches, boulders, and other obstructions. There is also Scan mode that allows you to view updated distances while panning the terrain on targets.

What is the Optical Quality of the lens on the Elite 1 Mile?

While perfectly clear glass has never been Bushnell's strong-suit, the CONX does have superior coatings to ensure crystal clear image quality. It has fully multi-coated optics with Bushnell's patented and permanent external RainGuard HD coating. It repels rain, snow, sleet, and condensation causing it to bead up so as not to interfere with ranging and image quality.

What are the Actual Ranging Yardages of Bushnell's 1 Mile ConX Rangefinder?

The CONX rangefinder is capable of acquiring distances of targets up to 1,760 yards - a full mile. However, its deer ranging performance is only 600 yards and 1200 yards to trees.

Is this a Horizontal Rangefinder?

Yes. This rangefinder is designed with a horizontal platform for use with two hands. It looks different to vertical rangefinders since the eyepiece is located in the center and not at the top like a vertical rangefinder. The benefit of using a horizontal unit comes with the ability to steady the rangefinder since you can use it with two hands for high-powered units like this 7X one.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Extreme long ranging distance of up to a full mile
  • Easy to read display with VDT technology
  • ARC mode for angle compensated distances
  • Bluetooth technology to CONX app and Kestrel windmeters
  • High powered optic with fully multi-coated optics

Our Verdict on the Elite 1 Mile ConX

The aim of it is, the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ConX rangefinder has a lot of potential. Although the CONX connectivity can be improved, as a rangefinder it's a spot-on unit for those extreme long range distances. Additionally, for the price, it has great value for all the features it sports.

Ranging with a Bushnell Con X

While the CONX rangefinder is more suited for rifle shooters, you bow hunters might be wondering what's out there for you? The Bushnell The Truth with ARC and Clearshot technology is your affordable bow hunting rangefinder. If you want a device that's ideally suited for both rifle and bows, the Bushnell Scout DX 1000 Rangefinder with ARC is a perfect alternative.

However, to fairly compete against the Bushnell rangefinder is the Sig Sauer Kilo2200 BDX. With the same 7X magnification, LED display, and angle compensation, the Kilo has an impressive 2600 yards of ranging distance. That's more ranging distance than the Bushnell, and it's cheaper too.

Bushnell has a reputation of providing the latest technologies for the lowest prices around. They can't be beat when it comes to features and value. The CONX rangefinder is proof that you can have it all for under 500 bucks!

Update: Bushnell have discontinued the Elite 1 Mile ConX Rangefinder. You might want to check out the popular new Nitro 1800 at Bushnell or Optics Planet instead.

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