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Wosports AOFAR AF-700L Rangefinder for Hunting

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AOFAR AF700L Rangefinder
Image Credit - Aofar

Yard Range: 5-700 yards
Magnification: 6X25 mm objective lens
Display Type: LCD/Black
Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.9" x 1.7"/6.3 oz
Waterproof/Fog-proof: No/Yes
Angle Compensation: No
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Line of sight

Use: Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Target Shooting

Update: This AOFAR rangefinder has been discontinued. Check out our pick of the best rangefinders under $150 here for a great alternative.

AOFAR Wosports Rangefinder Review

Wosports might not be a household name in the optics world, but the AOFAR rangefinder is quickly putting the company on the map. The China-based sports product manufacturer sells wholesale and/or directly from their website with international shipping. Obviously, the most convenient option would be to buy from an online authorized retailer that offers a warranty for in-country purchases.

Functions of AF700L
Image Credit - Aofar

The AOFAR rangefinder is one of three models available from the company, and it's the one with the longest ranging distance of 700 yards. With 6X magnification, it's a high-powered unit with accuracy to give or take 1 yard.

It has multiple operating modes to make it a fully-equipped unit for the hunt or on the green. In the field, you have Range, Scan, Fog, and Speed modes. On the course, you can take advantage of these modes plus the additional Flagpole Lock mode.

The features the AOFAR rangefinder sports definitely puts it in a budget class far above its actual price range. With that said, the optic certainly has value in the buy, and the masses appreciate the 2-in-1 functionality in a rangefinder suitable for both hunting and golf.

However, defective units have escaped the conveyor belt and find their way into the hands of unsuspecting buyers. But, customer service is quick to follow-up and offer money-back refunds or replacements to correct the issue. This is something of note since quality customer service is hard to find these days!


  • Price
  • 2-in-1 unit
  • Speed mode
  • Flagpole Lock mode
  • 700 yards distance range


  • Defective units

AOFAR AF700L Rangefinder Q&A:

What is a 2-in-1 Rangefinder?

This specific rangefinder is suitable for both golf and hunting. Both sports require different target modes to achieve positive target acquisition for accurate distances. With a Range mode to function in second target mode best suited for hunting, you'll be able to acquire target distances beyond brush and foreground obstructions. With a Flagpole Lock mode to function in first target mode best suited for golf, you'll be able to acquire target distances in the foreground ignoring background objects.

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Does this Wosports AF700L rangefinder have Angle Compensation?

No. The AOFAR rangefinder doesn't offer distances for slope.

What is Speed Mode on the AF700L?

The rangefinder has a built-in speed meter to measure moving targets from 0-300 km/hour. You can aim at your moving target and shoot to acquire the speed.

What is Flagpole Lock mode on the AF700L?

This is a feature that's especially convenient for use in golf on the course by utilizing an engine called PinSeeker technology. Flagpoles often have reflective prisms specifically for rangefinders to locate easily and quickly. By putting the rangefinder in this mode and aiming directly at the flagpole, the unit will "lock" onto the flag to ensure a positive acquisition is achieved to provide the correct distance to the flag.

What does the Reticle look like?

The LCD display features a black square reticle with a thin arrow pointing towards the box at 6 o'clock and two lines on each side of the box at 3 and 9 o'clock. The reading will appear below the reticle while the mode setting will appear above.

What's in the Box with the AF-700L?

The rangefinder comes with a user manual, lanyard, lens cleaning cloth, and a carry case. The case has a magnetic attachment to close. It also has a belt loop on the back and a carabiner attachment. The package also includes a CR2 battery for operation. This is of note since many budget rangefinders don't include the power source with the purchase.

What are the other two Models in the Wosports Rangefinder Series?

Battery compartment on AF700L Rangefinder
Image Credit - Aofar

This is the AF700L model.

There is also the Golf & Hunting Rangefinder with Slope model with a distance range of 600 yards and speed meter of 20-300 km/h.

The last in the series is the W600 rangefinder that's basic in features and functionality. It has a distance range of up to 600 yards, but accuracy between give or take 5 yards up to 400 is realistic performance.

Does the Aofar Wosports rangefinder have a Warranty?

They provide a 30 day money back guarantee for a full refund or exchange if you're unhappy with your rangefinder. Keep record of your receipt as you'll need this as proof of purchase. They also offer a 1-year warranty on defects and damage. However, if you're buying from an online authorized retailer, it's best to purchase the extended warranties on your product especially since they are typically less than $10 to purchase.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Easy to use with English instructions
  • Available to be shipped internationally
  • Multiple modes for hunting or golf
  • Built-in speed meter to measure in kilometers or meters per hour
  • Excellent customer service

Our Verdict on the WoSports AF700L Rangefinder

Wosports Laser Rangefinder
Image Credit - Aofar

The aim of it is, the AOFAR AF700L rangefinder is an excellent buy for the money. To have a rangefinder that not only caters to both hunting and golf sports, but to also offer Scan, Fog, and Speed modes is practically unheard of in this price range. Sure, you can find a feature or two in a unit for this kind of money, but not all of it packaged into one sweet deal.

For example, the TecTecTec ProWild Rangefinder also has a speed meter and scan mode, but it lacks a Golf Mode and Fog mode. However, it's an affordable, entry-level unit for a first-time buy.

The AOFAR rangefinder is a nifty, little gadget that packs a ton of punch and value for its price. While it's an entry-level unit, it's got a lot of potential in the right hands. So, what's your kind of sport - golf or the hunt? Why not play both!

Update: This AOFAR rangefinder has been discontinued. Check out our pick of the best rangefinders under $150 here for a great alternative.

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