Bushnell Rifle Scope Reviews: Banner, Trophy & Elite Series

If you’re shopping the sporting optics market alone, don’t. You’re probably going to be confused, overwhelmed, or perhaps even both.

To avoid buying a scope that you probably shouldn’t have even looked at in the first place, turn to the best Bushnell rifle scope reviews to get the most updated information on the most popular, well-built, and high-performing scopes they have.

Who are Bushnell?

It’s no secret that Bushnell has earned a space in every hunter’s heart. Unless you’re a cave man, every hunter has at the very least, handled and used a Bushnell or heard of them if they don’t personally own one. Whether you’re a newbie to their hunting optics or a long-time and loyal buyer, you’ll be convinced to be a lifetime Bushnell fan.

You know you can trust a brand that has reached the vast corners of hunting ground all over the world. From hunters in the tundras of the North to the trappers of the Safari South, Bushnell is the common tie that brings hunters together. And, that’s because Bushnell literally has a scope for all.

With 14 rifle scope lines to offer the avid shooter, you mightn’t know where to start. That’s why you’ve got to rely on the best Bushnell scope reviews to date.

Bushnell Rifle Scope Reviews

Bushnell riflescopes are all built with waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof capabilities. Even the most economical series of rifle scopes have quality multi-coated glass. And, to give you a preview, there’s even a rifle scope for below $100 that has fully multi-coated lens.

For just a snippet on the nitty gritty of the best and most-bought Bushnell rifle optics in the market today, let’s start with their bread-and-butter scope line.

bushnell-banner-dusk-dawn-multi-x-reticle-riflescope-with-6-inch-eye-relief-3-9x-40mmThis Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40 rifle scope with the Multi-X reticle is one of the most popular, economical rifle scopes that’s around.

These scopes rarely have any problems for having bottom dollar prices because they’re not bottom quality scopes. While you could say that this rifle scope is satisfactory for its cost, you can’t debate the fact that this Banner 3-9X40 with the Multi-X reticle has a decent amount of reviewers on board to tout about the great value of this scope.

Actual buyers and users of the Dusk and Dawn scope gave it an imposing rating online.  I chose the Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40 scope with the Multi-X reticle because it’s definitely the most popular Banner scope to date, and it’s under $100!

Hot on its tails is the 4-12X40 model with about just as many reviewers online giving it over a solid rating also. But, the 3-9X40 is just barely cheaper than the 4-12X40 model, which gives it a bit of an edge for those looking for a budget-friendly scope.

You really can’t beat an under $60 sale price online for a scope of this surprisingly satisfying quality.

But, if you’re concerned about what a roughly $60 scope can’t do, kick out the negativity and make room for positivity. With the following Q&A, you’re about to be well-pleased for what you can stock your freezer with for around $60.

Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40 Rifle Scope Q&A:

Q. What is the Multi-X Reticle on the Banner scope?

A. This Bushnell riflescope has the Multi-X reticle that is your typical duplex style cross hair. Nothing fancy, no frills, and no distractions. Sometimes that’s exactly what a hunter wants. Less is more.

Another available reticle with this model is MZ 200 with BDC for all-around big game hunting. The other is the Circle-X that looks just like the Multi-X, except for the thicker cross hairs meet to form a circle around the center point. While it seems the Multi-X is more popular than the Circle-X reticle, the Circle-X is still more popular than the illuminated CF500 reticle that’s available on the Banner scope.

Although you can get green and red cross hairs with a basic BDC on it too, it seems hunters who go for the Dusk & Dawn scopes want to keep it simple without throwing in any illumination to mess with their hunting chi.

Q. Are there any other finishes with the 3-9X40 model?

A. The finish for this rifle scope is a matte black, which is standard for nearly all rifle scopes with every brand in the market today. With the Multi-X reticle, this is the only finish that’s available for the 3-9X40. However, the Dawn & Dusk scope with the Circle-X reticle has the very popular Realtree AP finish.

It does drive up the price a little bit but is still under $100. In fact, that rifle scope has an impressive 4.8 star rating online with no 1 or 2 star votes at all. I’m thinking it must have something to do with the rad finish…? Either way, the impressive ratings I’m seeing in the Bushnell Banner scope reviews are starting to reveal a very positive pattern.

Q. How good can the lens really be for a roughly $60 scope?

A. I heard you thinking this question a mile ago before you started thinking it. It has multi-coated lens – something you don’t ever see for less than $100, and you might be lucky enough to find multi-coated below $200. The Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) coatings give it crystal clear vision that’s needed for those low light hunting hours.

For such a cheap scope it has more than what you’d expect.

Q. Will the Bushnell 3-9X40 hold up to recoil?

A. There seems to be a lot of concern online about how well this Banner rifle scope will hold up to recoil. Many people are jumping on to ask about whether it’ll hold up to their AR, .308, .270, etc. Bushnell made this scope to withstand the heavy recoil of larger caliber bullets and long rifles. You just have to make sure that you’re properly mounting the scope with the right mounting system, rings, and clamps if necessary.

Bushnell built this scope, especially the model with the MZ 200 reticle, for many slug rifles, including the .375 H&H. The MZ 200 model with the 6 inches of eye relief more than satisfies the hundreds of hunters out in the field with a Banner scope today.

Q. Does this scope have an external parallax adjustment feature?

A. This 3-9X40 riflescope doesn’t have a parallax adjustment feature. And, it would be uncommon to come across a rifle scope that does have one for such low magnifications. But, there is an affordable Banner Dusk & Dawn rifle scope that does have an AO (Adjustable Objective) feature to correct for parallax that’s still less than $100 online.

The 4-12X40 mm model has the AO that hunters love – made evident by the over 70 reviewers online giving it a 4.6 star rating. If you’re wanting to go a little bigger than the 3-9X40, the 4-12X40 with the AO is a great buy!

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40 Specs:

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Power Variability: Variable
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length/Weight/Tube Diameter: 12 inches/13 ounces/1 inch
  • Field of View: 40 – 14 feet/100 yards
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 3.3 inches/13 – 4.4 mm
  • Reticle: Multi-X, Circle-X, Illum CF 500, MZ 200
  • Adjustment Info: 1/4 MOA/Click
  • Optics Coatings: Multi-Coated
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
  • Parallax Setting: 100 yards
  • Airgun rated: No
  • Illuminated Reticle: No
  • Mounting Rings Included: No

Noteworthy Features:

  • 3X zoom for versatility for all hunters in all environments
  • DDB multi-coatings for clarity, focus, and sharpness
  • Available with 6″ of eye relief to clear heavy recoil
  • Available with AO feature on the 4-12X model
  • Positive 1/4 MOA clicks with numbered, finger-adjustable, and reset-zero turrets
  • Light-weight and compact for field hunting and scouting
  • Easy to mount, super fast and simple to sight in


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Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9X40 Review

bushnell-trophy-xlt-multi-x-reticle-riflescope-bone-collector-edition-3-9x-40mmThe Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9X40 mm rifle scope is the leading Trophy XLT rifle scope online to date. Bushnell’s Trophy line has been upgraded to perform better than ever while still fitting the budget of a cost-conscious shooter. Online users seem to think so too, giving the Bone Collector rifle scope a solid rating.

I had to review this scope to see what made it worthy of its popularity status. While there were other very admirable scopes in the Trophy XLT line, this one caught my attention. But, just because we’re going over the techs and specs of the Bone Collector, I won’t ignore the loud ovations the competing Trophy scopes have earned.

If you’re just as enthralled by the name “Bone Collector” as I am, then you won’t have any problem whizzing through the intriguing Q&A.

Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9X40 Rifle Scope Q&A:

Q. What does DOA 600 mean?

A. This particular Bone Collector rifle scope has the Multi-X reticle that makes it popular with most hunters. But, there is a reticle that the Bone Collector is also available with and that’s the DOA 600 – Dead On Accurate at 600 yards. The DOA 600 is a ballistic reticle for precise bullet impacts out to 600 yards.

The most popular combination of Trophy XLT and the DOA 600 reticle is actually the 4-12X40 model. With a 4.7 star rating, 40 reviewers, and for only around $150, you should recognize fantastic value when you see it.

Q. How much eye relief does the XLT have?

A. This particular model has a good range of 5 inches of eye relief. That’s plenty enough relief for you to slide your cheek on up and still get excellent image quality without knocking out your own eyeballs during recoil.

Although the 5 inches doesn’t compare with the 6 inches of eye relief that’s available with the Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9X40 with the MZ 200 reticle, it’s still larger than the 3 to 4 inches that come standard on so many other riflescopes including those from big, world-famous brands.

Q. How much light transmission is the scope capable of collecting?

A. The Bone Collector rifle scope has fully multi-coated lens – practically unheard of in this price range. With multiple coatings on every lens, 91 percent light transmission is guaranteed. Bushnell didn’t skimp on glass quality with this model.

Q. Are there other models in the Trophy XLT series?

A. The Bone Collector rifle scope is a special edition of the XLT series that probably makes it more popular than it should be. But, there are other worthy companions in the Trophy XLT line. Since the inventory is so large, I’ll name a few to get your tail wagging.

My highest recommendation would be the 4-12X40 with the DOA 600 reticle because of the high hits it has online, and of course for its low price and great features. It’s also a great choice for more versatility in zooming-in on open environments, has the adjustable objectives to correct for parallax, and is also available with the Multi-X reticle.

Both of these 4-12X40 scopes are less than $180 and they are some of the most well-known budget scopes in the hunting and shooting community.

My next recommendation in the XLT line would be the 3-9X40 with the Multi-X reticle in the silver finish – it has quite a few reviewers and comes in at around $100. With an entire 11 models in the Trophy XLT line, there’s bound to be one that’ll do you right, and the Bone Collector is an all-round, all-purpose big game hunting scope for the serious or recreational hunter.

Q. Does the Bone Collector scope come with a warranty?

A. This rifle scope is covered by Bushnell’s Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers product defects in workmanship and materials. On top of that, it also comes with Bushnell’s Bulletproof 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with it.

Bushnell has a high reputation of taking care of their customers whenever the need arises.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9X40 Specs:

  • Magnification: 3-9X
  • Power Variability: Variable
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length/Weight/Tube Diameter: 13 inches/14.3 ounces/1 inch
  • Field of View: 33 – 11 feet/100 yards
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 5 inches/13.3 – 4.4 mm
  • Reticle: Multi-X, DOA 600
  • Adjustment Info: 1/4 MOA/Click
  • Optics Coatings: Multi-Coated
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
  • Parallax Setting: 100 yards
  • Airgun rated: No
  • Illuminated Reticle: No
  • Mounting Rings Included: No

Noteworthy Features:

  • 3X zoom for versatility for all hunters in all environments
  • Fully multi-coated lens for superb clarity, focus, and sharpness for this price range
  • Available with 5″ of eye relief to clear heavy recoil
  • Amazing 91% light transmission for enhanced image quality in low light conditions
  • Positive 1/4 MOA clicks with numbered, finger-adjustable, and reset-zero turrets
  • Fast focus eyepiece for almost-instant target acquisition at any zoom
  • Butler Creek flip open covers included
  • 100% fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof for all-weather survival in harsh conditions
  • Light-weight and compact for field hunting and scouting
  • Easy to mount, super fast and simple to sight in
  • Comes with Bushnell’s Bulletproof 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Backed by Bushnell’s Lifetime Limited Warranty


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Bushnell Elite LRHS 3-12×44 Review

bushnell-tactical-e3124h-elite-hunter-lrhs-riflescope-with-g2h-ffp-long-range-reticle-3-12x-44mmThis Bushnell Elite LRHS 3-12X44 rifle scope has helped to change the way long range hunters and tactical shooters regard the optics company. While Bushnell specializes in the budget scope, they’ve also proven their workmanship in the elite, long range, and tactical world too.

With its debut being so recent in 2014 it wouldn’t be fair to tout its amazing rating online with such few reviews. Only time will tell if this “made to do it all” scope can keep its seemingly high rating for the long run.

Every once and a while there’s a hunter who wants to push his equipment just a little bit harder, to test his scope just a little bit further, and wants to hunt with just a little more skill. This long range hunting scope is Bushnell’s answer to that innate need.

While I’ve featured two affordable rifle scopes for the realistic working man’s budget, I thought we’d splurge a little and explore what Bushnell thinks we want in a maximum distance hunting scope.

There’s a lot more to go into a scope that’s designed for the long range shot. With such a jump in feature quality compared to the more inexpensive scopes, let’s see how well this LRHS is equipped for the job.

Elite LRHS 3-12X44 Rifle Scope Q&A:

Q. Does this have a hunting reticle or a tactical reticle?

A. This Elite rifle scope has the G2H reticle that is in the first focal plane and can be used at any magnification range. That’s a bonus feature that more hunters are turning to in high-end scopes that is consequently ending the days of being limited to using ballistic reticles on only the highest magnification setting.

The “Christmas Tree” style mil dot reticle is visible enough to use without having to make any adjustments to the turrets. But, the most obvious feature of the reticle is the gaping “circle of death” that takes up 4 mrad of space on the lens.

The G2H reticle is a tactical and a hunting reticle combined to allow you to take out that deer at 75 yards or make tight group precision shots at 600 yards.

Q. Is the Bushnell LRHS scope factory-set for parallax?

A. Although this Elite rifle scope is at the lower end for magnification ranges for the long range hunting scope, it still comes with a side focus for parallax correction. When you’re ranging out past 8-10X zoom, you’re going to want to be able to adjust for parallax if that occurs.

Q. Is the LRHS waterproof?

A. Absolutely! Since Bushnell’s inexpensive rifle scopes are fully waterproof, you’d better be told that this one is too. It’s 100 percent waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

On top of its weather-proof abilities, it has HD optics that are protected by Bushnell’s RainGuard technology and Ultra Wide Band lens coatings. All these fancy terms mean that rain drops, mud, dirt, and dust won’t have a fighting chance to stick to the lens. Nothing is going to get in the way of you and your trophy.

Q. Does this Bushnell 3-12X44 have a zero stop?

A. The elevation turret on this Bushnell LRHS has RevLimiter technology that allows you to easily return to your original zero no matter how many mrads you’ve strayed off course. You don’t have to remember how many clicks you made here or how many you made there, your original zero will always be there.

Q. How much does this rifle scope cost?

A. Bushnell’s leading-edge long range hunting scope will require some deep pockets, running you into the ground approximately $1200. While you can buy all Bushnell rifle scopes cheaper online, you might find this LRHS for perhaps $100 cheaper than normal retail price.

Because it’s such a high-ticket item, a lot of independent and online sellers will provide free shipping for standard delivery anywhere in the United States. If you’re looking to buy internationally, there will be extra shipping costs. However, Bushnell does have retailers in every continent and every major country in the world.

Q. Is this a compact Bushnell scope?

A. If you’re trying to compare this champion long range hunting optic with a little, bitty sub-200 yard scope, that wouldn’t be a fair comparison. This Bushnell Elite scope weighs in at a heavy 24.4 ounces and is as long as 13.4 inches. While it’s bigger than many 3-12X40 models, the Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12X40, and even the 6-18X50 model, you’re getting a heck of a lot more quality, coatings, side focus lens, and fiber optics in the glass.

For all the glass perks you’re getting, I think wanting a lighter scope that’s only going to be a few ounces less, makes you a baby. Its weight and compactness? – non-issue.

Q. Does this rifle scope measure in 1/4 MOA clicks?

A. No. The LRHS has the G2H reticle that’s measured in Mrads or Milradian increments. This is more of the European style measuring system. The tactical turrets are also going to feature the same mrad style set up to be able to match the measuring system in the reticle.

While this might be a downer for those of you that are used to the MOA system, it might still be worth giving it a try. While it may be a new learning opportunity, this system is fairly easy to use once you’ve got the hang of it.

Q. Is this reticle illuminated?

A. Unfortunately, the G2H reticle doesn’t illuminate and this model doesn’t have an illuminated counterpart.

That’s a shame since sometimes that lit-up reticle can make all the difference in low light conditions and especially extreme long range shots. If you’re worried about being able to see the reticle for your 400 yard first-shot only-shot targeting, don’t be too worried. The G2H reticle is located in the first focal plane.

You’re going to be able to see the reticle increase in size relative to the target as you increase magnification for that distance. While the lack of illumination isn’t a big deal to most of you, it still would’ve been nice to see it come with the option to have it.

Bushnell Elite LRHS 3-12×44 Specs:

  • Magnification: 3-12X
  • Power Variability: Variable
  • Objective Diameter: 44 mm
  • Length/Weight/Tube Diameter: 13.4 inches/24.4 ounces/30 mm
  • Field of View: 34.8 – 8.96 feet/100 yards
  • Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 3.74 inches/12.1 – 3.7 mm
  • Reticle: G2H
  • Adjustment Info: Mrad/Click
  • Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
  • Parallax Setting: 50 yards+
  • Airgun rated: No
  • Illuminated Reticle: No
  • Mounting Rings Included: No

Noteworthy Features:

  • 4X zoom for ultimate versatility for long range hunters
  • Fully multi-coated lens, RainGuard HD protection, and Ultra Wide Band coatings for pristine clarity and fully-enhanced image quality
  • Side focus for parallax correction
  • Amazing 95% light transmission for quality low light hunting
  • Tactical plus hunting G2H Mrad reticle
  • Positive finger-tip adjustable Mrad clicks with reset-zero tactical turrets
  • 4 Mrad circle at center of cross hair for almost-instant target acquisition at any zoom
  • 2″ sunshade included
  • 100% fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof for all-weather survival in harsh conditions
  • Robust and solid 30 mm tube body for increased scope adjustment travel
  • First focal plane reticle allows for distance ranging and target acquisition at any magnification
  • Backed by Bushnell’s No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty


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Which is the Best Bushnell Rifle Scope for You?

With all the possible scopes that Bushnell has that could be yours, you’ll need some directions in getting the perfect one. While there were a couple of budget-friendly scopes in this review, they absolutely earned their way into their spots.

Bushnell is a world-competing brand that truly offers some of the best optics for the best value. So, if this review is heavy towards the scopes of the “cheap” end, don’t blame me, you can blame your fellow peers – the ratings don’t lie.

For a great entry level and practical scope the Banner Dusk & Dawn is an excellent buy if you’re wanting to spend the bare minimum. But, for a few bucks more you can upgrade to the Trophy XLT Bone Collector without spending over $100. On the same quality level I highly recommend the Trophy XLT 4-12X40 with either the Multi-Plex or the DOA 600 reticles if you’re into the hype of the “Collector’s Edition”.

Either one will be an excellent rifle scope for your big game hunting.

What about a mid-entry Bushnell rifle scope? It seems to be a hit and miss concept with Bushnell’s middle class line of rifle scopes. They hit it out of the ball park with their bottom dollar rifle scopes and they even nail it with their four figure optics. But, their mid-entry scopes seem to be a flop.

The only decent ones are the tactical AR optics and the discontinued tactical Elite series scopes. Then way out of the middle class price range is their tactical flagship line, the Elite Tactical rifle scopes. Disappointingly, it seems their middle class scopes haven’t even found the middle ground.

But, if you’re not here for the inexpensive or even mid-range optics and you’re looking for the best of what Bushnell has for the serious hunter, then the four figure Elite LRHS rifle scope series is where you need to look.

Everyone’s a Winner with Bushnell

Bushnell has been making a name for itself for well over 60 years. They keep up well with the competition, they stay ahead with what sells, and they integrate world-class technology to provide a high-value rifle scope for hunters and shooters in both the tactical community and hunting field. Bushnell’s happy, you’re happy, I’m happy – it’s a win-win.