Redfield Rangefinder Review of the Raider 600A – Under $300!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for that extra small and affordable rangefinder to take with you on your next hunt or shot at the target range. I agree with the statement that “size matters” when you’re already toting around a ton of gear and you need something easy to handle and light to carry.

But that doesn’t mean it should cost you an arm and a leg. Without compromising on quality and accuracy, check out the Redfield Raider that’ll get the job done.

Who are Redfield?

You know you can trust Redfield since it’s a brand of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. Together, they punch out some of the best sport optics in the world, and you know you can get exactly what you’re looking for every time.

Don’t bother searching for “off-brand” rangefinders for cheap. Redfield’s Raider line is certainly budget-friendly for anyone looking for trusted, quality, and affordable range finders. Besides, you’ll want to stick with the brands you know best.

The Redfield Raider 600 line are all quality products that’ll do the job well without leaving you with buyer’s remorse. With various features that puts them each in high demand, there’s one that sticks out from the rest: the Redfield Raider 600A.

With 600 yard range, lightning fast laser response, super compact and light-weight design, there’s not much more you can add to that to make it better than it already is.

Redfield Raider 600A Review

redfield-raider-600aThe Redfield Raider 600A is a compact, lightweight, and convenient little unit for field use. Its practical and easy to use design incorporates an angle compensation/inclinometer feature with multi-coated optics and 6X magnification for ranging those 600 yard distances.

This isn’t the absolute cheapest device there is, but it’s definitely affordable for the features and easy operation it sports.

It’s holding a superb rating online and it’s exactly what no-nonsense hunters want out of a rangefinder. Although there’s not a ton of reviews online, you can pretty much expect it’s an improvement Raider 600 which puts the 600A at the top of the food chain for the Raider line.

Raider 600A Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. What does the A stand for, and why does this Redfield rangefinder need it?

A. The “A” stands for Angle Compensation. This means that with the built-in inclinometer, it’s going to be able to calculate true horizontal distance along with the slope angles to enable you to adjust your distance to compensate for obstacles such as steep territory.

Since many outdoor activities and hunts don’t take place in a completely flat field, it makes it quite an efficient tool to have if you’re out, say ranging mountain goats in steep terrain. That’s where you’ll see that angle compensation really prove its worth.

Q. How is the rangefinder different to the Raider 600 model?

A. The Redfield 600A offers the exact same features as the 600 model – almost. The angle compensation with the built-in inclinometer is the feature that raises the price of the 600A barely a tad, but raises the functionality of the device by miles.

While the 600 can only provide horizontal distances, say, ranging a deer in a flat plain, the 600A can take it to the next level by allowing you to range in mountainous terrain by taking angle compensation into factor for an accurate shot.

Q. What’s the maximum yard range?

A. The Redfield Raider 600A has a long distance range of 600 yards. That’s pretty comparable to many long distance rangefinders on the market. That’s also plenty yardage enough for you to scope out an accurate shot to your target.

Q. What’s the magnification of the Redfield Raider?

A. The optics are the same as the other Raiders, 6X. This high standard of providing powerful optics for clear and pristine images makes it a great tool to zoom in on far away targets as well as smaller objects for closer ranging. The lenses are also a decent 20 mm objective diameter.

Q. Can it track a moving target?

A. Yes. The Raider 600A has what you would generally call a “Scan Mode” in the rangefinder world. This feature enables you to hone in on a target and follow it while the device continuously updates its distance as it moves. This is an excellent aid for your rifle hunting events since many live targets don’t stay still for long periods of time.

You can make sure you can make that accurate shot based on the right distance readings to your moving target.

Q. How compact is the Raider laser rangefinder?

A. The Raider 600A measures in length at 3.7 inches, a height of 2.8 inches, and a width of 2.2 inches. The 20 mm objective lenses and the lens placement themselves, makes it slightly wider than other compact rangefinders.

However, it weighs a mere 5 ounces and can easily and unobtrusively be carried around in a pocket or on a lanyard without giving it a second thought. It’s a welcome addition compared to all the other heavier items carried around on a hunt.

Q. How user-friendly is the Redfield Rangefinder?

A. The 600A laser rangefinder is extremely user-friendly. It’s right up your alley if you’re looking for no-nonsense, easy, and convenient functionality. It sports a one button operation to do everything. Push it once for your true horizontal distance reading in yards.

Push it again and hold down for a continuous distance updates on your moving target. No manual instruction booklet needed, it’s seriously that simple.

Q. Will the device be good enough to scope out large game for hunting?

A. If you’re looking at hunting for large game, the angle compensation feature is especially helpful since elk, deer, mountain goats etc all like to live and graze in various, uneven, and rugged terrain. With the 600 maximum yard range, you can expect about half that distance to target large game, which is pretty typical distances for most shots taken while hunting.

But, if you’re thinking of targeting game past 300 or 400 yard distances, it’ll probably be worth it to upgrade to a range finder with more maximum yardage like the Leupold RX 1200i with DNA.

Q. Is the Redfield 600A waterproof?

A. This rangefinder isn’t waterproof. It can’t be submerged into water if that’s what you’re thinking. However, like most others for the same price and capabilities, it does sport some water-resistant capabilities. You won’t have to worry about it seeing some rain during that hunt in the bad weather.

In fact, a little weather a rangefinder gets is like a seven year old’s scraped knee earned playing tag, it’s good for it.

Q. How will it perform in low light conditions?

A. This Redfield has fully multi-coated lenses. This means that it’ll collect as much light as it possibly can to provide a clear and sharp image for you despite the time of day.

With that being said, the black LCD display that the 600A has, can make ranging with bright light conditions easier, but it can get frustrating trying to see and target objects with dark backgrounds.

Q. How is the rangefinder powered?

A. The 600A takes a CR2 lithium battery that is practically used by nearly all modern rangefinders these days. The bad news is, this device has a bottomless pit when it comes to needing batteries. With only about 200 activation’s per battery use, it might be wise to keep a bunch of spares for backup.

Redfield Raider 600A Features:

  • Powerful 6X Magnification
  • Accurate 600 yard range capacity
  • Small and compact size 3.7 (L) x 2.8 (H) x 2.2 (W)
  • Angle Compensation/Inclinometer
  • Scan Mode
  • One-Touch Operation/Easy to Use
  • Water-resistant


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The Final Verdict on Redfield Rangefinders

This Raider 600A laser rangefinder is the perfect, no-fuss optic for your hunt if you want accurate and fast results. Although it’s not like it’s the cheapest device out there, (for a rangefinder closer to the $100 price range, check out our Bresser TrueView LR800 review) it’s definitely in the affordable range for quality and performance, especially if you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles that more expensive units have.

If you’re looking to range in a mountainous area, or really any area that has steep inclines which probably has the large game you’re looking for, then the Raider 600A will do the job, and will do it well.

There’s only one piece of advice for you left: get it used. By that I mean, take this smaller-than-your-smartphone device out with you every time you get the itch.

You want to be in the same ball park when your buddies are pulling out seasoned rangefinders that have lived through unworldly weather, seen larger-than-life game go down, and have read un-measurable distances.

Don’t be the rookie. Go with the Redfield and get in on hunting season. Remember, a little dirt won’t hurt.