Leica Optics Rangefinder Reviews: Rangemaster CRF & Geovid Binos

Stop and look no further if you’re fed up with having to buy a new rangefinder every hunting season. Leica optics rangefinders will see you through season after season.

Wouldn’t it be Shangri-la to have a rangefinder, pair of binoculars, and a computer all in one? The answer is a no-brainer, and I know why you’re here.

No more dealing with low brand names or mediocre products that can compromise your hunting experience. You’re ready to pull out the big guns and the credit card to get the best symbiosis of optics and measuring a rangefinder can offer. From waterproof capabilities to distance measurement, and ballistics, let’s explore what exactly that would look like.

Even with little research, you can’t help but come across Leica when you’re thinking world-class optics, unparalleled distance measurement, and innovative ballistic calculations.

Leica Rangefinder Reviews

Known for their most-advanced products, you’re looking at a world-known brand that gives it their all in everything they do, and that means the optics world too. In this review we are going to check out 3 of Leica’s best, they are the:

Geovid Binoculars  |  Rangemaster CRF 1600-B  |  Rangemaster CRF 1000-R

Leica’s rangefinders all have the same expectation of quality whether they’re ranging 1,000 or 2,000 yards and if you’re in the woods or on an open plain. They’re rugged and sturdy in construction, yet ergonomic and comfortable to hold and carry around.

They’re all waterproof to varying depths and they share the same pristine multi coated optics you can expect of Leica optics to deliver sharp and crisp images with 7X magnification powers. So what are some of the best sport optics they have that can make you drool with lust?

Leica Geovid Laser Rangefinder Binoculars (10×42 HD) Review

leica-geovid-rangefinder-binoculars-10-x-42-hdThe Leica Geovid Laser Rangefinder Binocular HD has the ever-popular 10X42 platform with Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) Technology to provide you with holdover values for the most accurate shot possible. It has Perger Porro prisms, Aqua Dura Coatings, and an LED display that has automatic adjustments for lighting conditions. Leica needs little dressing up to prove they’re worth the cost.

When it comes to the Leica Rangefinder Binoculars, there’s not enough room to brag about all the features it has, so let’s see what other people are saying about it – it’s getting a near perfect rating by its consumers.

It’s been tested and reviewed by its buyers and they report that they’re extremely impressed by it. So much so, that the hefty price tag attached to it is soon forgotten after it’s been field tested.

There’s also a common theme among this rangefinders beloved consumers: if you’re willing to dish out the cash, it’ll be the best and last purchase you’ll buy. There’s no need to ever shop for a new rangefinder again.

Geovid Laser Rangefinder Binocular HD Q&A:

Q. Can any firearm be used with the Geovid 10 x 42 HD Laser Rangefinder?

A. Whether you’re target shooting with a pistol or long-distance hunting with a rifle, the Geovid 10 x 42 HD laser rangefinder can provide accurate ballistic values based on the type of ammunition you’re using. The innovative feature of the Geovid is the internal database system that can calculate ballistic curves for the type of ammunition that you’re using.

If you’re using a special type of ammunition that’s not already pre-loaded into the database, you can easily load your specific parameters of ammunition on the micro-SD card and load it into the integrated ballistics computer. This allows you to get pretty spot-on values such as the bullet drop calculations. It’s going to be pretty hard to miss your target with a feature like this.

Q. What ballistic technology is available with the Geovid Bionoculars?

A. Leica has created a cutting-edge Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) technology that is the platform for the Geovid HD laser rangefinder. You’re looking at getting various values with precise accuracy, which is what you should expect for the brand and the price.

User-defined ballistic values to calculate curve compensation calculations, angle compensation, zeroing distance, temperature and air-pressure readings, point of aim corrections, and bullet drop compensation make this the ideal combo of rangefinder and binoculars to have in any situation.

Q. Can I use this at night?

A. The Perger Porro Prism design allows for fully multi-coated optics to provide the most sharp and clearest images you can get out of a rangefinder/binocular combination, even out at 2,000 yards no matter the time of day.

The extremely high light transmission can give you that extra five to ten minutes you’ll need at either dawn or dusk to get that last minute shot in before you decide to pack it up. But, if you’re timing your hunt around your target’s waking and roaming period, then using it at night doesn’t compromise on your image quality either, even with a half moon as your only light.

Q. This rangefinder is waterproof, right?

A. If there’s a word that describes ‘beyond waterproof’, this would be the perfect time to use it right here! I’m not talking about water-resistance if it starts to sprinkle on you. This thing is equipped to survive about 16 feet of water submersion!

With waterproof powers like that, it really should only be applicable to accident prone people. Like, if you fall into a lake. But, with people just like you in mind, Leica made a tough, solid, and sturdy product to survive unforgivable weather conditions and accident-prone circumstances – I mean, ‘special circumstances’.

Q. Is it compact enough to tote around on a hunt?

A. This rangefinder bino sports an ergonomic build that makes holding it and toting it around as easy as “forgetting it’s there”. Although it’s super comfortable for a hand-held device, it’s not as lightweight and compact as other rangefinders out there.

Dimensions on the large end are 8 x 8 x 4 inches and a weight on the heavy end is around two to three pounds (34 ounces), it’s going to require some really big pockets or some sort of neck or shoulder strap to tote it around. Despite it’s size, think of it as a two-in-one deal – you’re getting a rangefinder and binoculars in one.

Leica Geovid Rangefinder Binoculars (10 x 42 HD) Features:

  • Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) technology with three available applications
  • Perger Porro Prism Design for sharp and clear images up to 2,000 yards
  • Fully multicoated optics with 65 degree panoramic viewing
  • Inclinometer, Barometer, Thermometer features
  • 2,000 yard range
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Waterproof up to 16 feet and fog-proof
  • In-view optics display readings to also keep visual on scene


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Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B Review

leica-rangemaster-crf-1600-bThe Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B is a compact unit that may be small in size but not in features. As a Leica, it has everything you should expect from Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) Technology and Aqua Dura Coatings to 1600 yard readouts and 7X magnification with a wide field of view.

The Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B is holding a near perfect rating online. With many reviewers putting in their opinions about it, it’s proving to be a hands-down rangefinder worth investing in.

According to reviewers, it has better ranging quality and easier display readings than the older Leica 1600 rangefinder. While both are at the same price, you can bet the newer model is going to be a better buy.

Rangemaster CRF 1600-B Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. Do the lenses come with some sort of protectant?

A. The Aqua Dura Coating is the ultimate form of protection for your optics that Leica has to offer. Even with a very rugged terrain, don’t give a second thought to your lenses.

In the worst conditions possible, Leica’s special coating with increased abrasion resistance will repel dirt and dust and protect against damage so that you can keep your pristine image of your target. When it comes time for a wipe down, maintenance is a breeze.

Q. How long will display readings stay on and does it power down by itself?

A. The Leica 1600-B rangefinder has the convenient automatic power-off function. It’s intelligent sensors know when it’s being used or not. When it’s not in shooting position you’ll notice the laser dot will shut down to preserve battery life.

The display readings also have a various display time. If you’re in normal mode, the readings will stay up for a lengthy six seconds. If you’re in scan mode, the readings will linger for three seconds.

Q. What is the zooming performance of the CRF 1600-B like?

A. A lot of rangefinders only offer up to 6X magnification, but this rangefinder takes it to another level at 7X magnification. That means you can range further with more precise images and detail without compromising on depth and clarity.

Q. How far can the Rangemaster CRF range?

A. Like the older model, the Leica Rangefinder 1600, it can officially range out to 1,600 yards. Off the record though, many reviewers are posting that it can range far beyond the official 1,600. Many report distances of 1,700 to 2,000 yards. But for long range rifle use, you’ll get the sharp, clear images you need to hone in your target anywhere between the 10 to 1,600 yards promised.

Q. Can this rangefinder calculate angle compensation for ranging in mountainous terrain?

A. Yes! This rangefinder has thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer functions that make it a great accessory for any kind of terrain you’re ranging in. While in a mountainous area, you can range your target for a true equivalent horizontal distance reading as well as the angle of incline/declination to make your shot.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B Features:

  • 7X Magnification
  • Advanced Ballistic Compensation
  • Inclinator, Barometer, Thermometer features
  • Aqua Dura Coating on external lenses
  • Internal Ballistic Curves calculations with ammunition types
  • Waterproof to 3.2 feet


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Leica Rangemaster CRF 1000-R Review

leica-rangemaster-crf-1000-rThe Leica Rangemaster CRF 1000-R is compact and lightweight and can range out to 1000 yard distances. It has Leica’s Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) Technology and is tripod adaptable to be mounted for steady and close-up viewing with the 7X magnification. As the most affordable Leica rangefinder available, you won’t be disappointed.

This Leica Rangemaster is holding an almost perfect rating just like the above mentioned rangefinders, with quite a few of them saying how Leica has done it again.

There’s little room to wonder why this rangefinder is so popular among its consumers when it’s built with the same sturdy construction, easy readability, and precise measurements that’s expected of all of Leica’s products.

Rangemaster CRF 1000-R Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. What does the CRF on the Leica Rangemaster 1000-R stand for?

A. CRF is the abbreviation for Compact Range Finder. It’s one of Leica’s smaller rangefinders measuring in at approximately 4.45 x 2.95 x 1.34 inches. This is ideal to carry around with you in a coat pocket, and it’s also lightweight at half a pound.

Q. How will the LED display stand up at various times of the day?

A. The CRF Rangemaster 1000-R has an LED display instead of an LCD display. Although some might prefer the high-tech capabilities of an LCD display, the simple and no-fuss readings and operation of this rangefinder makes the LED display easy to read and use.

It automatically adjusts itself to the lighting conditions of your surroundings so that the readings are always as bright as possible for you to read comfortably no matter the time of day. Finally, a rangefinder you can use in any light!

Q. How much life can I get out of the CR2 lithium battery?

A. The convenient thing about the power source for the Rangemaster 1000-R is the ability to purchase it practically anywhere. You can get about 2000 measurement readings out of the one battery. It’ll also indicate the battery is running low by blinking. By then you might have about 100 readings before it’ll die completely, but just be aware that you’ll lose range power as the battery declines.

Q. How user-friendly is the CRF 1000-R rangefinder?

A. This rangefinder comes with two buttons for easy use. One push of one button will give you the distance reading and the other button will tell you the angle. You have the option of using it in either linear or angle compensation modes so you can still get accurate readings whether you’re out in a field or in the mountainous woods.

It’s single use operation is ideal for those who want to minimize their chances of missing their target due to accidentally being led to a menu screen or other such “high-tech” interference.

Q. Can I mount the rangefinder to a tripod?

A. Yes, this rangefinder is tripod mountable, although that comes as a separate purchase. This can make it ideal to set up for long hunting periods in one area. With the right mount, you can also mount it to your rifle.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1000-R Features:

  • Waterproof up to 3 feet
  • 1,000 yard rangefinder
  • LED display automatically adjusts to light conditions
  • Easy use operation
  • Linear and Angle Compensation Modes
  • 7X Magnification


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Which is the Best Leica Rangefinder for You?

If you’re a serious rifle user and avid hunter, you’ll probably going to want the best, and Leica optics delivers. Hands-down, the creme de la creme is the Geovid.

You’ll have all your target honing, distance measuring, and zooming in capabilities at the touch of your fingertips all in one device. That doesn’t mean to say that the Rangemaster CRF 1000-R won’t deliver either.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, easy to use rangefinder that still delivers on superb images and distance reading within 1,000 yards, then it’ll be the perfect accessory for you. The Rangemaster CRF 1600-B is absolutely ideal for your rifle hunting needs, especially if you don’t want to dish out the cash for the Geovid.

With almost all the same features the Geovid has to offer, minus the 2,000 reading range, waterproof depth, and price tag, you’ll still have a really nice rangefinder to sport on your next hunting trip and brag about.

The Final Verdict

Since there’s a lot of really good things to say about Leica’s rangefinders, that doesn’t leave much room for any downsides to it. Seriously, it’s tough to beat and hard to knock down a quality product that’s just made to do it all without skimping on features such as readability or functionality.

Although they’re pricier than other rangefinders on the market, the quality of the optics and superb performance the Leica optics brand provides quickly outweighs any buyer’s remorse you might have over the price tag.

In fact, you’ll find it super difficult to find an unhappy Leica consumer. By reading this article, you can safely say you’ve done your due diligence to get all the ground-work and research under your belt.

Now you can justify your pricey, but best purchase yet, to your other half. If this line doesn’t work on her, you might want to consider buying her one too. If that still doesn’t work, perhaps you need to check out our Bushnell tactical rangefinder reviews for an alternative that will be kinder to your bank balance!