Carl Zeiss Victory Rangefinder Reviews: PRF Monocular & RF Binoculars

Are you willing to splurge and get one of the pricier rangefinders available from one of the most reputable brands there is in the sports optics world? Then you’re in luck. With this rangefinder review you’ll know all there is to know before you dish out the cash.

So, before you reveal your credit card info, get up-to-date with optic specs, ballistic integration values, and more. In this review we are going to check out some impressive Carl Zeiss Rangefinders, they are the:

Victory PRF Monocular  |  Victory RF Binoculars

If you’re pretty settled on wanting quality Carl Zeiss craftsmanship, you know you’re about to get the finest range finders that German engineering can think up. In fact, the Victory PRF 8×26 model is the first digital LED range finder with a Ballistic Information System that won and earned the 2009 Outdoor Life “Editor’s Choice” award.

Carl Zeiss Rangefinders

The Zeiss Victory rangefinders not only do distance measurements well, they take it to the next level to in-breed the perfect symbiosis of binocular capabilities too.

Carl Zeiss is serious about making the best there is to have, and their range finders are no exception. The two that are worth reviewing both share Carl Zeiss’ LotuTec coating, Ballistic Information System, the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, and much more that blows these optics out of the mediocre ballpark.

Carl Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular Review

carl-zeiss-prf-monocularThe Carl Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular garners special attention when it comes to quality with its T* multi-layer optics, LotuTec coatings, and a self-illuminating LED display on a very compact unit. And, it wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have the Ballistic Information System BIS to get those holdover points for dead on aim – the high costs of the Zeiss are more than justified.

When you’re spending a hefty amount on any device, you want to know what others are saying about it. Victory rangefinder reviews are in general very positive and as deserved, the Carl Zeiss Victory PRF is sporting a proud near perfect rating online.

Many reviewers are chiming in to say how much they love the sharp and clear optics, BIS, and spot-on accurate readings. It’s no wonder that most buyers forget the price tag almost immediately after opening their package.

Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular Q&A:

Q. What does PRF mean?

A. Pocket Rangefinder. The Carl Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular is their small and compact sized device measuring in at 1.88 inch (H) x 3.85 inch (W). That’s small enough to take with you anywhere you need it, and if you think about it, it’s pretty comparable to the size of a smart phone these days.

Q. What are the optic specs?

A. With the Victory PRF Monocular you’re getting 1,200 yards of maximum distance measurement with amazing clarity and sharp contrast for the clearest images you can expect out of a rangefinder.

Carl Zeiss doesn’t disappoint with powerful 8X magnification when you usually see about 6X or 7X, even at the same quality. The 26 mm lens diameter makes for a wide eye piece for you to be able to comfortably use and take the most advantage of the 330 foot field of view.

Q. Can I use this to get readings through a car window?

A. Typically, rangefinders are for use outdoors – this means while you’re out in a field, in the mountains, or just strolling around for leisure. But admittedly, many try to get readings from the comfort inside their vehicle.

Getting a reading through a glass window can give inaccurate results if you can get a reading at all, but unofficially, the Zeiss PRF doesn’t have any problems at all. If you’re skeptical, take a few shots in the car and double test it by getting out to verify that this is one impressive monocular.

Q. How do you hold the Victory PRF?

A. The Monocular rangefinder can be held with one hand like most rangefinding devices, but it has a unique design that allows it to be unobtrusively held by two hands. I have to admit that this is a bonus since it can actually be easier to hold steady.

Too add to it’s Handleability, it has a rugged and robust construction that sports a rubber armor to give you a nice, firm grip. These well thought-out features actually make it a very comfortable unit to hold.

Q. How will it hold up during low light hours?

A. The high-performance optics of the Carl Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular’s not only perform excellently during the day, but also at night. Even in poor weather conditions, you’ll still be able to pick up the finest details. The multi-coated lenses allow for maximum light transmission, and it has a self-illuminating LED display, so night-time use is a go.

Q. Can it range small animals that are on the go?

A. The extremely impressive and high-performance optics can display targets with sharp details, even small game in unforgivable weather. The Scan Mode allows you to keep a close eye if the targets are moving while still getting precise and accurate readings repeatedly.

Q. Can I enter my own ammunition values into the unit?

A. No. The Ballistic Information System (BIS) only caters to the pre-loaded values they’ve built into the system. However, they do contain quite a lot of common loads used. If you’re wanting to use special ammunition that’s not already preset into the BIS, you can go online to their website and use their BIS calculator to find the right program for you.

Q. How fast is the readout?

A. Officially, the readout takes about 1.5 seconds. You can consider this fast, but compared to other devices of the same quality, it could be faster. Most consumers of this model don’t actually complain about it, so it seems it reads fast enough for most purposes.

Q. Does it have an inclinometer and thermometer?

A. No. Unfortunately this high-performance monocular is missing these pretty nifty features. It can’t calculate various angle compensations or point of distance measurements other than the true equivalent horizontal distance between you and your target, ballistics curve, and the appropriate trajectory path for your ammunition to find the correct holdover point.

Carl Zeiss Victory PRF Monocular Specs:

  • Powerful 8X magnification
  • Large objective 26 mm lenses
  • Built-in Ballistic Information System
  • Self-illuminating LED display
  • 1,300 yard maximum range
  • LotuTec coating that repels dirt, dust, snow, and rain
  • One-touch operation
  • Small and compact design 1.88 inch (H) x 3.85 inch (W)
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Battery life of 2,000 hours


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Carl Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars Review

zeiss-victory-rf-rangefinding-binocularsThe Victory RF is one of those rangefinder binocular hybrids that have been executed well by none other than Carl Zeiss, perfected with the T* multi-layer optics, LotuTec coatings, and Flouride Glass. These binoculars don’t back down, even when it comes to ranging out up to 1200 yards and incorporating the Ballistic Information System BIS on the self-illuminating display.

This Victory RF is extremely difficult to beat as well as very hard to find any flaws with. Online you’ll find that the few that have purchased it are extremely happy with their purchase.

It’s holding an impeccable rating, and since it’s a high quality, solid, and intelligent device, it’s going to hold that rating for a long time yet. They may just be the best rangefinder binoculars yet!

Victory RF Rangefinding Binoculars Q&A:

Q. How well will will the Victory RF Binoculars (10×45 T RF) survive bad weather and abuse?

A. Proudly, these German engineered rangefinder binoculars are some of the best, most durable and toughest ones you’ll find on the market. Made with strong design elements such as magnesium housing and a shock-absorbing armor, it’ll stand the abuse it’s definitely going to see when out in unforgivable weather, long observation times, and even drops.

On top of that, it’s waterproof to 400 mbar and dust-proof to make sure that these will be the last rangefinder binos you buy!

Q. Is it easy to use?

A. As far as functionality goes, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of using the the Victory Binoculars (10×45 T RF). With only two buttons to do everything this optoelectronic unit can do, it can’t get much simpler than that. The first button allows you to see, measure, and aim to get the almost instant readings at half a second.

The Set button allows you to conveniently access three programs: the BIS, ballistics program for the appropriate trajectory path, and measuring conversion (feet or meters). The one-touch operation of this rangefinding bino helps to reduce measuring errors due to shaky hand movement.

Q. Can it find targets and take readings in shady areas?

A. The 10×45 T is decked out with 45 mm lens diameter, 10X magnification with four Achromat lenses that have fluoride glass and Carl Zeiss T multi-layered coatings. Need I say more? With amazing clarity and pin sharp details, there’s nothing you won’t miss because the Zeiss range finder binoculars will target it all no matter what time of day or what obscure area may cause you doubt.

With a twilight factor of 21.2, you’re going to have high-performance optics that’ll allow for as much light transmission as possible during low light hours. This optic changes the standard for optics for night-time hunting.

Q. How easy is it to clean?

A. With spending this kind of money on optics, you’re right to be concerned about scratches, dust, and debris that can damage your unit. The Victory RF has the LotuTec coating that effortlessly repels debris of any kind. From dust, mud, snow, and rain, it simply just falls off the lenses to allow the clearest images in any type of weather.

You can easily wipe away debris without leaving a trace. Can you expect anything less of a Zeiss rangefinder binocular?

Q. What ranging activities can the Carl Zeiss Victory RF be used for?

A. If you’re an avid outdoors-man that likes to do a bit of everything, then you definitely want to get your mitts on these binoculars. It’s more than ideal for almost all outdoor activities. Think hunting, target shooting, bird watching, and nature observation for the absolute best uses out of the RF 10X45 rangefinder.

Q. How long will the battery last?

A. The CR2 lithium batteries used to power the Victory RF can get you about 10,000 plus readings before it’ll start to peter out. That’s pretty amazing compared to most other devices that takes a lot more power to operate and will only last around 2,000 to 5,000 readings.

Q. Is it compact enough to carry around comfortably?

A. The Victory RF is 6.6 inch (H) x 5.3 inch (W) and weighs just over two pounds. The size is definitely not considered compact. It’s on the larger end of the scale when it comes to comparing devices, but it’s also a binocular combination too.

With that in mind, you’re actually carrying around a decent size unit considering it’s doing the job of two sports optics in one. If you want something smaller, the Victory PRF is the compact version and easily rivals the size of a smart phone.

Q. With a hefty price tag attached to it, are there any other perks?

A. Depending on the source you’re buying your Victory from, it also comes with Carl Zeiss’ limited warranties. Many reviewers state that if they’ve had to use it, customer service is impressive and often enough, a new one replaces the defective one you’re sending in. It does have to be repaired in Germany though.

There’s a lifetime warranty on optical components, one year warranty on accessories like carrying straps and lens caps, two year warranty on camera components, and five years on any electrical components.

Carl Zeiss Victory RF Specs:

  • Rangefinder and binocular combination
  • Impressive 10X magnification
  • Super-large objective diameter 45 mm lenses
  • Built-in Ballistic Information System
  • Self-illuminating LED display
  • 1,300 yard maximum range
  • LotuTec coating that repels dirt, dust, snow, and rain
  • Two button operation with one-touch ease of use
  • Deep waterproof capabilities/Dustproof/Nitrogen-filled
  • Battery life of 10,000+ readings
  • Half second readouts


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Which is the Best Zeiss Rangefinder for You?

If money isn’t an issue for you and you’re serious about owning the best that there is in the sport optics industry, then the Victory RF 10×45 is definitely the device you want. The integrated binocular technology that’s fused with rangefinder monoculars is what puts it in high demand.

It’s a two-in-one deal since you’re getting the capabilities to two units in one very intelligent and competent rangefinder. But, if you already own high quality binoculars that you’re pretty content with and you don’t want to spend the money just for an integrated solution, then consider the Victory PRF to be your rangefinder aid out in the field.

The Final Verdict

With high performance optics, an intelligent ballistic system, weatherproof and damage-proof prowess, and state-of-the-art rangefinding technology, there’s not much more you can add to make these any better than they already are.

The reviewers have spoken, the star rating is well deserved, and all that’s left is to pull out the credit card and field test it yourself. The Carl Zeiss Victory rangefinder line is one of the best that you’ll come across when you want an innovative and high-performance working rangefinder.

It’s no joke spending money like this on a monocular, but it’s also no joke when you see how it changes your whole hunting experience. There’s practically nothing you can’t target or anything that can hide from you no matter the time of day. All that’s left to do is see, ping, and shoot.