Bushnell Bow Hunting Rangefinder Reviews: 5 of Bushnell’s Best

You’ve got that big hunt coming up and a bow is your weapon of choice. Don’t ruin your accuracy chances before the hunt has even begun by picking less than worthy rangefinders. You don’t need to keep searching online to get the best review, it is right here in our Bushnell bow hunting rangefinder review.

Here I’ll tell you about true horizontal distances to angle compensation calculations, waterproof capabilities, and compact sizes that’ll have you deciding on a Bushnell bow hunting rangefinder today.

It’s no secret that when you’re using a bow, you need a little more tech when it comes to rangefinders. Although it would be nice to make most of your shots in a straight line, a lot of targets sure like to make it hard for you. But that’s the fun part right?

Bushnell Rangefinder Reviews

Bushnell has been around for ages, 65 years long enough? It’s definitely one of those easily recognizable brands when you walk into any sports enthusiast store. That’s because you know Bushnell pretty much covers it all when it comes to rangefinders.

High performance optics are what they do. In this review we are going to check out 5 of Bushnells’ most capable bow hunting rangefinders, they are the:

The Truth  |  The Truth Clearshot  |  Scout DX 1000 ARC  |  G-Force DX  |  Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular

When it comes to making rangefinders fully suited for the recreational or professional archer, then Bushnell has it down. Their rangefinders are equipped with the ARC (angle range compensation) technology to give you the distance you should make along with the angle you need to make your shot.

If that’s the only feature you’re looking for, then be prepared to get more bang for your buck. Bushnell makes it easily affordable to have all the bells and whistles.

Bushnell The Truth ARC Rangefinder Review

bushnell-the-truth-arcThe Bushnell The Truth ARC rangefinder is an excellent tool for archers that need Angle Range Compensation ARC Technology, 4X Magnification Bow Mode to 199 yards, and a full distance range of 850 yards. Additionally, archers can easily use it with its compact and ergonomic size while its anti-slip finish armors a unit that’s rainproof.

Bushnell’s The Truth ARC rangefinder is an excellent product for the price and the capabilities. Most rangefinders for the same price don’t have the ARC feature to brag about. Since it’s affordable and it sports the features needed for recreational bow hunting, it’s holding a strong rating online with plenty of consumers chiming in with positive reviews about it.

The Truth ARC Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. Is the rangefinder compact enough to take around for bow hunting?

A. The Bushnell The Truth laser rangefinder is pretty small and compact for size. It measures at 1.4 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches which is pretty comparable to a smart phone that you’d carry around in the front pocket of your coat. It’s compact size actually makes it a great tool for bow hunting since it’s lightweight at 6 oz and can be carried in a carrying case or attached to a neck strap.

Q. Does The Truth calculate angle compensation for bow hunting?

A. This Bushnell laser rangefinder has a great feature that makes it excellent for bow hunting. It has Bushnell’s ARC (angle range compensation) Bow Mode technology that provides you the true horizontal range as well as the angle that you need to make an accurate shot from 7-199 yards. No more guessing.

Q. What do you see on the screen when you shoot a reading?

A. Because this rangefinder is very user-friendly, one push of a button is going to give you all you need to know. When you range a target you’re going to get three numbers that show up on the screen: true horizontal distance, angle, and line of sight distance. If you’re wondering more about what the reticle looks like, it appears as a cross with a little circle in the center.

Q. What is the rangefinders angle range?

A. The Truth digital laser rangefinder can calculate angles of -90 to +90 degrees. That’s an impressive vertical direction that should give you plenty of opportunities to bring down your target in any steep or mountainous territory.

Q. Is the rangefinder waterproof?

A. The Truth rangefinder isn’t waterproof or fog-proof. It’s pretty rain-resistant so you can still use it in case the weather changes on you, but it’s not going to survive submersion under water or if condensation collects in the pupil entrance of the reticle.

Bushnell The Truth ARC Features:

  • Crystal clear 4X magnification
  • ARC Bow Mode up to 199 yards
  • 850 Maximum yard range
  • Rainproof
  • Compact and ergonomic design 1.4 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches
  • Displays battery life
  • Angle range from -90 to +90 degrees
  • Capable to use with magnetic attachments


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Bushnell The Truth ARC with Clearshot Review

bushnell-the-truth-arc-with-clearshotThe Bushnell The Truth ARC with Clearshot is the ultimate rangefinder for hunters that want dead-on precision when stick meets bow, and this is thanks to Bushnell’s exclusive ClearShot Technology. With a ranging distance of 850 yards, ARC Technology, and instantaneous readings, rifle hunters might just switch out their trade for this rangefinder.

The Truth ARC with Clearshot rangefinder is pretty much the same as Bushnell’s “The Truth” except for the Clearshot technology that really makes it a notch better.

As far as price goes, it’s very affordable and many consumers love that they can get all these features without it feeling like you’re going broke. That’s why it has a high rating with plenty of reviewers saying it does exactly what they need.

The Truth ARC with Clearshot Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. What is Clearshot?

A. Bushnell’s Clearshot technology is a great feature that bow hunters appreciate. Based on your reading, it displays the highest point of your arrow trajectory path showing everything in between that highest point and your target.

The shot clearance feedback helps you to determine if there are going to be obstructions in the way of your shot such as branches. The feedback is practically instantaneous and if it’s clear in the clearshot, then all you need to do is let the arrow go and do its thing.

Q. Can The Truth with Clearshot rangefinder be customized to the bow type being used?

A. Yes. To use the Clearshot technology you need to first calibrate the rangefinder to your bow sights, then you can re-calibrate each time you change out your bow or arrow types.

Q. Can the rangefinder read in yards and meters?

A. Yes. This Bushnell rangefinder does have the capability of switching measured distances between yards or meters. This is pretty standard of most rangefinders and of all Bushnell rangefinders.

Q. Does this laser rangefinder have an automatic shut down timer?

A. Yes, this Bushnell ARC rangefinder with clearshot automatically shuts down after 30 seconds without use. This will conserve battery life tremendously and will give you peace of mind that it’ll just power down if you forgot to do it yourself.

Q. How readable is the display?

A. Unfortunately, the readings can be difficult to read on the The Truth with Clearshot laser rangefinder since the screen has no self-illuminating qualities. This can make it kind of difficult to read when ranging on dark or shaded objects or possibly during really dark nights and low light times of day.

Bushnell The Truth ARC with Clearshot Features:

  • 850 Maximum yard range
  • ARC with Bow Mode up to 199 yards
  • Clearshot Technology with highest point of arrow trajectory
  • Compact and small design 1.4 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches
  • Battery life indicator icon
  • Rainproof
  • Angle range of -90 to +90 degrees
  • Magnetic attachment capable


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Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Review

bushnell-scout-dx-1000-arcThe Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC is a rather exceptional rangefinder because of its feature-packed qualities. Outfitted for both the bow and the rifle, it has ARC Bow Mode and ARC Rifle Mode, E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) Technology, 6X magnification, VSI (Variable Sight-in) Modes, and is fully weatherproof. Should I also mention the obvious 1000 yard distance ranging? – of course not, that was pretty obvious right?

Overall the Scout DX 1000 ARC laser rangefinder does pretty good online with a solid rating  It has a decent amount of reviews that reflects it’s a solid unit that has great features, especially for the very generous price. In general this rangefinder has the capability to give you that clean shot so you don’t have to get off the blind and track it.

Scout DX 1000 ARC Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. How accurate is this Bushnell laser rangefinder?

A. This Scout DX 1000 rangefinder with ARC has 6X magnification that provides pristine clarity with its 21 mm objective diameter lenses. With vision like this, it works perfectly with the Extreme. Speed. Precision. (ESP) technology that gets you hair-splitting accuracy within -/+.5 yard. That’s pretty tough to beat when accuracy is a major concern.

Q. What targeting modes does the Scout DX 1000 ARC rangefinder have?

A. The Scout 1000 laser rangefinder has three different targeting modes in one unit. Depending on what you’re needing at that critical hunting moment, you have at the push of one button, VSI technology. That’s the impressive Variable Sight-In technology that allows you to access either:

  • Scan Mode: pan the landscape with instant distance updates
  • Bullseye: close range mode giving distances of closest targets
  • Brush: Zooms past brush and obstructions to range background targets

Q. Is this rangefinder only effective for bow hunting?

A. The favorable features of the Scout DX 1000 is definitely the ARC with Bow and Rifle Mode that makes it compatible for either bow or rifle hunting. With the ARC Bow Mode you can get true horizontal distances up to 99 yards while the ARC Rifle Mode provides you with a holdover/bullet-drop in inches, MIL, and MOA.

Also using the VSI Rifle Mode will enable you to choose your ammunition ballistics to ensure optimal accuracy.

Q. Is the Scout DX 1000 rangefinder only available in black?

A. This Bushnell unit is actually available in two different designs: black or RealTree AP Camouflage. This is a nice option since most rangefinders only come in the standard manufacturing color which is typically black. A bonus is that it doesn’t cost more for the RealTree design.

Q. How user-friendly is the Scout DX 1000 ARC?

A. This rangefinder does have more features and more electronic capabilities than the basic units Bushnell pumps out. This being said, it can be a little difficult to navigate between all the different modes and technologies that are built in to actually make it easier to use. It’s suggested you keep your instruction manual to refer back to if you want to make the most use of all the features.

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Features:

  • 6X Magnification with 21 Objective Diameter
  • Waterproof and Fog-proof
  • Small and easy to hold 1.3 x 4 x 2.9 inches
  • Variable Sight-In (VSI) Scan, Bullseye, and Brush Modes
  • Extreme. Speed. Precision. (ESP) technology to get you within -/+.5 yard accuracy
  • ARC Bow/Rifle Modes
  • Diopter adjustment for custom focus
  • ARC Inclinometer
  • Magnetic attachment capable
  • RealTree or Black designs available


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Bushnell G-Force DX Review

bushnell-g-force-dxBushnell ups the game even more with the Bushnell G-Force DX rangefinder that has it all – VDT (Vivid Display Technology), 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.), VSI (Variable Sight-in) Modes, both Bow and Rifle Modes, and even a diopter adjustment for sharp focusing to get out to those 1300 yard distances. If that’s not a whistler, then what is?

The G-Force rangefinder has a great rating online. It has pretty much all the bells and whistles Bushnell has to give that you could want out of a rangefinder without the break-the-bank prices.

Affordability, functionality, and the latest technology makes this rangefinder a winner.


G-Force DX Rangefinder Q&A:

Q. How stable is the view the further the range?

A. The Bushnell G-Force DX rangefinder has powerful and clear 6X magnification up to 1300 yard distances and the more you zoom in, the more it will become a test to keep your hand as still as possible.

With two hands at maximum distances it will be just fine. The perk about the G-Force that sets it apart from other rangefinders is the fact that it can be mounted to a tripod for a fixed position to eliminate any instability or hand movement.

Q. Can the Bushnell G-Force DX rangefinder survive the fog?

A. This Bushnell model rangefinder is actually waterproof and fog-proof, so say goodbye to fogged up lenses. You won’t have to worry about precipitation ruining your unit or your shot since it’s also equipped with Rainguard-HD to still give you an accurate shot if it’s raining or snowing.

It also has a protective covering on the lenses, so have no fear of scratching as you wipe away any snowflakes. As far as ranging in the fog, that’s a different story. Like your own eyes and every other rangefinder out there, it’s hard to range something that can’t be seen. Fair enough?

Q. Is it compatible for rifle hunting?

A. The compact size of the Bushnell G-Force rangefinder actually makes it a great tool to have for any type of hunting, bow or rifle. It measures in at 1.3 x 4 x 2.9 inches which is still small and within Bushnell’s definition of compact. The unit is also equipped with Bushnell’s Rifle Mode where you can get bullet-drop/holdover in inches, cm, MIL, and MOA as well as eight different caliber settings.

Q. What color are the readings on the screen?

A. Readings on the G-Force illuminate red which is actually excellent for low light conditions. Low light hunting is typically when game are about and the red display can be a very good thing during this time. Even though the red can seem very bright during low light hours, the brightness can be adjusted in the settings.

However, the downside about red lighting is that during the day in bright conditions it can be pretty difficult to see the readings.

Q. Are there any focusing issues about the G-Force?

A. The Bushnell rangefinder with ARC has can zoom out up to 6X, but with needing to focus in on your target it can make the display readings a bit blurry. If you wanted to focus the display readings for a sharper image, the target view then becomes blurry.

Some reviewers have found a way around this by focusing in for sharper images of the target while leaving the display reading a little on the blurry side but clear enough to read.

 Bushnell G-Force DX Features:

  • 6X Magnification with 21 objective diameter
  • 2nd Generation ESP (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) providing up -/+.5 yard accuracy
  • Vivid Display Technology
  • Variable Sight-In for both Bow and Rifle
  • Built-in Inclinometer/ARC
  • Scan Mode, Bullseye, Brush Targeting Systems
  • Fully Waterproof and Fog-proof
  • Tripod Mountable


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Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular Review

bushnell-fusion-1-mile-arcThe Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC is a rangefinding binocular with BAK-4 prisms, fully multi-coated optics, and a true ranging distance of 1,760 yards. Both for bow and rifle hunters, the XTR coatings, Matrix Display Technology, VSI (Variable Sight-In) Modes, RainGuard HD anti-fog coating and a fully waterproof design makes this a tool for only the elite.

The Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binos seriously have all the perks, save the hefty price tag that you usually see for a rangefinder bino set. It’s quite a popular unit with a good star rating. Plenty of consumers agreeing that it’s a well-made rangefinder with high-performance optics.

It seems that the adjustable brightness setting and the Matrix Display Technology really hits the spot for hunters alike.

Fusion 1-Mile ARC Rangefinder/Binocular Q&A:

Q. What is Matrix Display Technology?

A. The Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Binocular rangefinder combo has the very cool Matrix Display Technology feature that allows for rapid light transmission to enhance display readings as much as possible. You’re talking about getting sharper visuals to be able to range your target every time.

All lighting conditions are now no obstacle since readings will never be an issue again thanks to the Matrix Display Technology.

Q. What are the optics specs?

A. The Bushnell 1-Mile ARC binoculars have excellent and high-performance optics with BaK-4 prisms that are fully multi-coated with Bushnell’s PC-3 phase corrective coating to make sure that the view is as crystal clear and sharp as possible. With up to 12X magnification and 50 mm objective diameter lenses, every fine detail will be enlarged so that you can make the most accurate shot possible.

Q. How lightweight is the rangefinder bino?

A. The Bushnell Fusion ARC bino rangefinder is actually more on the heavy end for a rangefinder, weighing in from 30.8 to 32.7 ounces. It might be a little heavy, but the silver lining is that you’re actually getting two units for one.

Q. What is the expected ranging distances for large game with the Fusion rangefinder?

A. The Fusion 1-Mile rangefinder binos can range a maximum of 1760 yards – that’s a full one mile for those of you who couldn’t do the math. Of course, those familiar with rangefinders know that that’s the range for highly reflective surfaces.

You can expect to pick up ranges on large game like elk or deer at about one third to half of the maximum range. In this case, 500 to 800 yards in the right light and weather conditions. This is quite an impressive distance for those who are thinking about doing some serious bow or rifle hunting.

Q. Are the diopters adjustable?

A. Yes. Each independent diopter of the Fusion 1-Mile rangefinder with ARC is adjustable so that you can better fine tune your visual. This is a feature that’s not always offered with rangefinders, but since this is a binocular combo, you’re getting the two-for-one deal. It is a right-eye-dominant unit so the right diopter focuses in the reading display while the main focus adjusts for distance.

Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile ARC Features:

  • Mag x Obj Lens 8×32/10×42/12×50
  • 1 Mile (1760 yards) Maximum Range
  • Matrix Display Technology for enhanced readings in all lighting conditions
  • Variable Sight In distance options
  • Scan Mode, Bullseye, Brush Targeting Systems
  • ARC Bow/Rifle Modes
  • Rain-Guard HD Technology
  • Fully Waterproof and Fog-proof
  • Fully mutli-coated lens with Bak-4 Prism technology
  • PC-3 Phase Corrective Coating


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Which Bushnell Bow Hunting Rangefinder is Best for You?

Wondering how much you should spend and which one will be right for you? To prevent having a rangefinder that might be overkill for your backyard target practice, you might want to stick with The Truth rangefinder that’ll give you all you need. Besides, 850 yards is one heck of a backyard!

Go one step up with The Truth with Clearshot if you do a lot of bow hunting in wooded areas where your shot is likely to get interfered with. But, if you’re a serious hunter and you want to get some serious yardage, then it’s a no-brainer, you have to go with the rangefinder bino combo, the Fusion 1-Mile ARC.

There’s no feature you won’t ever miss having because you have it all. If all that yardage is a bit much, then the G-Force DX is a good unit to have. You’re pretty much getting all the perks, but you also have that nifty, red illuminating display.

The Final Verdict

Bushnell seriously has the bow hunter in mind when they dish out rangefinders. From ARC technology to even telling you if a branch is going to snag your arrow instead, you’ll be prepared the next time you’re ready to hit the hunt.

You don’t have to spend a ton either. Their reasonable prices for quality and high performance optics actually put them in a ball park of their own.