Nightforce Optics: We Review Some of Their Rifle Scopes & Spotting Scopes for Sale in 2018

NightForce LogoNightForce is one of those optics companies that believes in ruggedly testing out their products before putting them on the market. And, the punishing durability tests the optic has to survive before it ever gets into a box on a shelf, cannot be repeated by any other brand.

NightForce is also known to have fanatical engineers, product designers, and testing teams that are just as obsessed with optics as even the most serious hunters.  Any scope from them can be trusted to be the best, because NightForce will not settle to make anything less.

The brand understands that extreme long range hunting is the name of the game these days, but there are rules you need to follow to make that ethical shot.

One of those rules is to use high-performing and fully functional optics. If you’re looking to take down some serious lifetime trophies in the long distance field, you’ll want extreme power ranges, an expert-designed turret system, and brilliant, pristine quality glass.

If you’re shopping for a NightForce but you’re not sure if it’s quite what you need for hunting season, then this is the review you need to read.

NightForce TS-82 20-70x Xtreme Hi-Definition
Read reviews of NightForce's best spotting scopes.
Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope
Read reviews of NightForce's best rifle scopes.

NightForce Spotting Scope Reviews: TS-80 & TS-82

If you’re a fan of the unbreakable and tough NightForce rifle scopes, then get this – You’re going to be happy to find out that the brand has a small range of spotting scopes that are just as rugged and high-performing.

The same tight and robust build, superior glass clarity, and the first-class quality you get out of their rifle scopes, is what you can expect to see it in a NightForce spotting scope. For a brand that’s worth every ounce of glass, you need look no further than the reviews below.

Their spotting scopes may not be as completely “bullet-proof” as their rifle scopes but, with magnesium alloy and aluminum bodies, thermal stability features, and high-end optical coatings, they have been through quite the shock test nonetheless.

With these shared features on their side, there’s little reason to be afraid of the harshest hunting environments yet to be embarked upon.

How do these Spotting Scopes Compare? (click to open)

NightForce Rifle Scope Reviews: Which Passed the Torture Test?

There’s not many optics manufacturers that’s as dedicated to providing rifle scopes with ultimate durability and shockproof strength as NightForce is. In fact, their impact tests have been named the “Torture Test“. Pounding, brutal, abusive, and torturous are the words they have chosen to describe what they put their star NXS 5.5-22X56 rifle scope through… and it lived for more than another day.

With a fanatical commitment to providing you, the serious shooter, the absolute best in craftsmanship and painstaking detail, you can trust that when you spend top dollar on their scopes, you’ll be getting top dollar quality in return.

Everyone has their definition of what ethical hunting is, and long distance hunting can be done ethically. With long hours of practice, acquired skill, unwavering confidence, and the most appropriate tools for the job, these rifle scopes can offer first-shot, one-shot kills.

With high power magnification, illuminated reticles, and extended internal adjustment ranges for repeatable tracking, precise accuracy, with the most pristine glass in the industry, NightForce won’t let you or your trophy down.

How do these Rifle Scopes Compare? (click to open)

Make the Long Shots with a NightForce

These NightForce rifle scopes are made for the serious long distance shooter. And, with long distance shooting, a cautious word or two on the matter is never tedious. If your definition of ethical hunting is below 500 yards, these may not be the right rifle scopes for you.

But, for those who have got their sights set on taking down a beast from those “beyond” distances, you don’t need to look any further.

So, to lightly lecture you on extreme long distance hunting, making kill-shots at these distances can be a real threat to the animal. At such a distance, the bullet plummets, rapidly loses speed, and the slowing velocity allows it to be susceptible to drift.

A miscalculated range of the distance, a sudden blast of wind, the slightest quiver of your rifle can be the dreadfully magnified mistake that will cost you your confidence, your trophy, and your bad boy hunting reputation.

Just because you may have the ability and the right kinda day to shoot out to 2000 meters, it doesn’t mean you should. So, before you make that long shot, have your ducks in a row. You know what I’m talking about – the right rifle, the right cartridge, the right kinda confidence, the right skills, and the right scope.

With these long shots, a NightForce can help you do it right.


Nightforce: Their Reputation Precedes Them

Although the NightForce spotting scope family is small, the company only delved into the spotting line because of the demand from customers to expand their product base. After all, with the reputation of the brands rifle scopes preceding them, it was only a matter of time.  Hunters will be giddy with joy since the same quality that gets put into their rifle scopes will be seen in their spotters.

And, as for the high price of their spotters and rifle scopes, an optic is rarely useful for real-life hunting conditions if it hasn’t reached a certain level of quality and, with quality comes cost.  But, if you do decide that this brand is a worthy investment, I am confident you won’t be disappointed with the force of a Nightforce in your hunt.

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