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Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ 3x50mm Night Vision Scope Review

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We reckon the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ 3x50 is one of the best night vision scopes for the money in the market.

It has a true IIT so it’s no digital day/night scope with gimmick features.

The Trifecta keeps things simple, streamlined, and focused.

It’s a nighttime prowler to hunt down nighttime prowlers.

Ready for fast mounting and getting to work, you can’t do better than this for real generational night vision technology at this price point.

Update: Unfortunately it appears that the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ has been discontinued. Check out our round-up of the best scopes with night vision for more great options.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Core+ technology

What We Don’t Like: Heavy

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Core IIT, Close-Range Detection

  • IIT: Core+
  • Magnification: 3x
  • FOV: 10-degrees
  • Resolution: 50-60 lp/mm
  • Eye Relief: 50 mm
  • Color Modes: Green Phosphor
  • Battery: 10 hours
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 3.3 x 3.9”/2.6 lbs
Bering Optics Trifecta Core Review
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Our Verdict: If you’re gearing up for rancher contracts or pest hunting this Winter and you’re looking for a night vision scope for your AR-15 or even higher caliber hunting rifle, you’re in luck. The Trifecta Core+ is the ultimate varmint hunting scope with night vision. It’s better than your typical Gen 1 scope and ready for sub-300 yard nighttime hunting.

Who is the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ Best Suited to?

Hunters. The Trifecta makes a great coyote scope out to 200 yards and a fantastic hog hunting night vision scope out to 250-300 yards. It’s for everything varmint, pest, and invasive species.

It could be good for general surveillance and patrol as well. It can be used as a handheld monocular thanks to its low and fixed 3x magnification.

However, because it’s fixed power, you can’t achieve greater magnification. If you’d rather a low to mid-range power adjustable scope, the ATN X-Sight LTV 3-9x digital scope should be a good alternative in the same price range. 

How Does the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ Perform?

The Trifecta Core+ is a power horse of a Gen 1 scope. With a Core IIT (Image Intensifier Tube), you have better than average Gen 1 resolution and performance. You need to see through one to believe it or get the details on its specs – hence why you are here.

If a badge could be given to the Bering Optics scope, it would be one that deems it the best Gen 1 night vision scope in the market for the money.

As a true night vision scope, it may seem basic compared to digital versions. But if you want simplicity with true passive technology, this is the scope for you.

It has a green phosphor display with high resolution, good battery life, and a nice field of view for its lens size and fixed power.

Again, for the money, the Trifecta Core+ is likely one of the best night vision scopes of its kind. It’s worth having if you’re close-range hunting and on a budget.

Features & Benefits

Bering Optics Trifecta 3x50 night vision scope in black
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Core+ Technology

What is Core night vision technology? It’s essentially an upper end Gen 1 IIT that is the best of its kind. By replacing glass IITs with ceramic and metal alloys, you can reduce the inherent issues of Gen 1 that includes the fish-bowl effect, edge distortion, poor resolution, and a fragile build.

By using a high-performance Core+ IIT, you have Gen 1 prices but improved visual and durability performance.

How are Core+ IITs classified as Generation 1?

In every way it has the same resolution as a Gen 2 and Gen 3 night vision scope, but because it lacks a micro channel plate, it’s classed as a Gen 1 IIT.

With Core tech, you have improved resolution, photosensitivity, and a rugged hybrid-tube build. The 50-60 lp/mm resolution is practically on par with Gen 3 devices if that tells you anything about its quality imaging.

Noteworthy Features

As a Gen 1 scope in this price range, it can’t be beat and sits at the top of the rankings as the best night vision scope under $1000. True to its generation, it has the emerald green phosphor display mode that provides outstanding imaging quality.

It also has an illuminated MIL-dot ballistic reticle with a reticle brightness adjustment knob to achieve the level of visual comfort you need. Both the windage and elevation turrets are oversized for easy gripping during zeroing and while in dark conditions.

You also have two integrated rails to attach accessories and a front lens focusing ring to sharpen the image and bring targets into focus.


Bering Optics Trifecta 3x50 night vision scope in black
Image Credit - Optics Planet

The Trifecta Core+ comes with a dual-lever quick detach mount. With 50 mm of eye relief, you can mount the scope as far rearward as you can to gain a comfortable shooting position whether standing or prone.

The QD mount is an appreciated accessory as not all night vision scopes come with them, and it makes for fast dismounting before the sun comes up. But it should be noted primarily because of its low price. At this price point, it would be reasonable if it didn’t come with a mount at all.


Bering Optics only provides a 300G recoil rating for the Trifecta Core night vision scope. This is difficult for most to determine what calibers it is compatible with.

To help with this, we can explore what the recoil energy (ft/lb) rating is for specific calibers that Bering Optics approves. With Bering Optics stating that the .270 WIN, .375 H&H, and 20-gauge calibers can be used with the Trifecta, this means it can handle calibers with recoil energy up to around the mid 30’s (ft/lb) range.

With the H&H coming in with the highest free recoil energy, it’s safe to say that anything smaller than that will be fine to use and that obviously includes popular hunting rounds such as .223, .380, .30-06, and the close-range .300 Blackout.


Bering Optics Trifecta night vision scope mounted on rifle
Image Credit - Optics Planet


For such a high-performing scope at its low price point, the hefty weight of 2.6 lbs is forgivable. It weighs as much as newly released scopes with double the aperture and this is a 50mm lens device. Surprisingly, the Core IIT should provide a lighter weight, and in this case, who knows how much it would weigh if it was made of glass.

In its defense, the Trifecta may feel like a tank in the hand, but it’s splashproof, dust-resistant, and shockproof up to 300G. The quality, rugged, and durable build is worth its weight in salt.

Popular Questions

How Many Batteries does the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ Scope Take?

The Trifecta Core+ Gen 1 3x50 night vision scope takes 1x CR123 battery and provides approximately 10 hours of operation.

Does the Trifecta Core+ Gen 1 Scope come with an IR Illuminator?

An IR illuminator is not a standard accessory that is included in the package. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as most included illuminators are generic in quality and performance. This gives you the chance to mount your own external IR of choice from the get-go.

What Accessories are Included with the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ 3x50?

Along with the Core+ IIT, a QD mount, on-rifle carry bag, front cap, and rubber eye guard are included. The package will also include your first battery, lens cloth, and instruction manual.

How Far can you See in the Dark with the Trifecta Core+?

The Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ Gen 1 3x50 scope is rated to provide detection up to 300 yards/270 meters. As such, it’s a good close-range scope for hunting and surveillance. Likely, an IR illuminator will be needed to reach these distances especially on dark nights.

What is the Warranty on the Bering Optics Core+ Gen 1 Night Vision Scope?

Warranty information should be included with the Trifecta Core+ Gen 1 night vision scope. In the past, Bering Optics has provided a 1-year warranty on Gen 1 NV scopes, and assuming warranty coverage hasn’t changed, it remains true for the Trifecta Core+ scope.


While Gen 1 technology seems to be phasing out due to the influx of high-resolution, high-performing digital devices and lower priced Gen 2 scopes, the Trifecta Core+ is still on par, if not better, with its high-resolution Core+ IIT that provides 50-60 lp/mm resolution.

When you can land real generational NV tech for under $1000 with impressive resolution and solid-performance for hunting distances up to 300 yards – why spend more?

If you’re after maximum distances and even more powerful IITs, you’re looking at a significant price jump. A Gen 3 night vision scopes may be a better option for you like the Bering D740 Gen 3+.

Update: Unfortunately it appears that the Bering Optics Trifecta Core+ has been discontinued. Check out our round-up of the best scopes with night vision for more great options.

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