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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x Smart Digital Night Vision Scope Review

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What makes some hunters swear by digital night vision scopes over image intensifier tubes?

The additional digital features.

Scopes like the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro are hit and miss because you either love all the features or you hate them.

If you’re the former who is after everything from streaming to remote access while still expecting your scope to hold zero with a 416 Barret (398g) – this is the NVD for you.

It may just be one of the best night vision scopes in the digital category yet.

Quick Overview...

What We Like: Digital NV

What We Don’t Like: Technology issues

Best Uses: Night Shooting, Day Shooting, Tactical Use, Hunting, Scouting, Varmint Control, Digital NV, Close to Long-Range Detection

  • Sensor: 4K M265 3864x2218
  • Magnification: 5-20x
  • FOV: 5-degrees (240 ft)
  • Display Resolution: 1280x720
  • Eye Relief: 90 mm
  • Color Modes: Day & Night
  • Battery: 18+ hours
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 3 x 3”/2.2 lbs

Our Verdict: The X-Sight 4K Pro is an improvement over the X-Sight II. It’s better looking, holds zero, and its features are game changers. If you want to take technology to the field with you, this is the scope to do it with since it has it all. The X-Sight 4K night vision scope will power you through nighttime hog hunting and get it on video too.

Who is the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20X Best Suited to?

Hunters who want everything from their night vision scope without breaking the bank. The X-Sight 4K Pro is a decked-out unit that is one of the most affordable night vision scopes worth buying.  It’s sure to please shooters who want video recording, live streaming, remote control, ballistic calculations, rangefinding, and more in one package.

It will require you to learn the system intimately to maximize effective use while in the field. If you’re patient and have a lot of time of practice with it, this specific X-Sight is ideal for you.

However, if you don’t need the WiFi, rangefinder, or the hassle of dealing with additional digital features and menu settings, the X-Sight LTV 5-15x may be the better buy.

How Does the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20X Perform?

YouTube video

The X-Sight 4K Pro has extreme magnification for those longer shots. With UHD imaging quality, a scope that holds zero with higher calibers, and an included IR850 illuminator, you can put those long-range daydreams into reality.

But where it really shines is for hunters – both day and night. As a digital, it’s completely safe to use for daytime hunting, and when last light comes, switch the prey and hunt coyotes with night vision. The battery life can more than handle it since it really does last at least 18 hours.

All its digital features may be concerning to some in regards to software issues, user error, and malfunctions. You can perform updates to ensure the scope is running on the latest versions, and many of the problems and bugs of the past have been addressed with the newest firmware and software releases.

The real question is how much time and effort are you willing to put into learning the X-Sight 4K? For as much as it is a hunting optic, it’s just as much a techie gadget too. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Features & Benefits

Smart Range Finder on X-Sight 4k 5-20x Day Night Rifle Scope
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Digital Night Vision

The 4K Pro series is definitely more appealing to the eye than the X-Sight II models were. They share many similar smart features but the 4K Pro has shaved off bulk and weight.

The scope sports a new sensor, the 4K M265 ultra-HD 3864x2218. It’s a color sensor and allows for high-definition color images during day operation. With enhanced sensitivity for nighttime operation, the HD black/white display shows detail and clear imaging even in little ambient light conditions without use of an IR – but as a digital scope, you’ll more than likely need the IR to gain distance and resolution.

Since this night vision scope has a new look and body style, it doesn’t look as conspicuous on your rifle during daytime shooting as most night vision scopes do. Simply put – it looks like it belongs, day or night.

Smart Scope Features

X-Sight 4k 5-20x Pro Smart Day Night Scope Mounted on Rifle
Image Credit - Optics Planet

There is no doubt that this scope is digi-teched to the max. But how does it hold up for what it’s made to do? Putting aside recording, WiFi, and all that techy stuff, let’s look at its rifle scope features.  

The X-Sight 4K Pro has One Shot Zero that is a standard zeroing feature for all ATN NV scopes. It corrects for bullet impact from the bull’s-eye and allows for fast and easy zeroing. Regardless of the “one shot” implied for zeroing, you must always perform a follow-up shot to confirm.

To help with accurate point of aim impacts, the X-Sight 4K features a ballistic calculator. There is also an adjustable mil-dot reticle. Depending on the load you’re using, you can change the mil distance between the hashmarks to suit your preferences. It’s scalable, so it maintains accuracy regardless of magnification.


ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x Digital Night Vision Scope Mounted on Rifle
Image Credit - Optics Planet

If having smart rifle scope features isn’t enough for you, there’s more. The scope has RAV (Recoil Activated Video) that takes over video recording when you forget to turn it on. Sensing recoil, the scope captures the moments before the shot, the shot, and after the shot. Whether it’s for bragging rights or to learn what went wrong – it’s a convenient feature.

You can also connect to Bluetooth or WiFi via your smartphone and take advantage of Dual Stream Video. You can record video and save it to the SD card while streaming it live online. You see it in Ultra-HD quality, it’s recorded in Full HD 1080p, and streamed in 720p.

A smart rangefinder provides instant line of sight distances to the target, but you can always take rangefinding to the next level with the ATN ABL (Auxiliary Ballistic Laser) attachment. While it is a separate purchase, you and other hunters in your party with ATN smart devices can use ATN’s Radar technology. It tags your prey and allows all of you to home in on it. You will need to download the Radar app to activate this feature.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Most digital scopes only offer between 4-10 hours of operation – they’re power-hungry devices. The X-Sight 4K Pro does away with the AA batteries that the X-Sight II used.

Instead, the 4K Pro has an internal, rechargeable battery like the X-Sight LTV scopes – not removeable. Unlike the LTV that provides only 10+ hours of operation, the 4K Pro can provide 18+ hours.


Ballistic Calculator on ATN X-Sight 5-30x Digital NV Scope
Image Credit - Optics Planet

Technology Issues

This is as much a tech gadget as it is a hunting optic. With any digital rifle scope, there are bound to be firmware and software issues at some point. Fortunately, since the X-Sight 4K Pro Edition has been around for some time now, ATN has ironed out issues that first release models saw.

Part of the “issues” is also due to user error. There is a steep learning curve because this is a high-tech scope. There will be at least one app you must download to connect the scope and another if you want to use the Radar feature. Learning to navigate through the appropriate menu settings quickly and incorporating your phone is essential.

Popular Questions

What is the Recoil Rating for the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro?

The X-Sight 4K Pro Edition night vision scope is recoil rated for high caliber cartridges up to 375 H&H. It can be mounted to popular rifles such as .223, .270, .308, 6.5 mm Grendel, 7 mm Rem Mag, 30-06 Spfd, .300 Win Mag, etc.

What is the Max Rangefinder Range of the X-Sight 4K Pro Edition 5-20x?

ATN provides no distance ranges for the built-in stadiametric rangefinder feature. With scope software, the scope estimates a distance based on the height of the target provided by the user when operating the rangefinder reticle.

For distances beyond 500 yards, it’s best to use a laser rangefinder. The ATN ABL can be attached to the scope but is a separate purchase.

What are the Differences Between the X-sight and Thor Scopes?

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro series is night vision. The ATN Thor 4 series is thermal imaging. It’s a matter of personal preference and budget as to which type of technology is best for your needs.

Can the X-Sight 4K Scope be Used During the Day without Using Battery Power?

Because the X-Sight 4K Pro is a digital rifle scope, it must have a power source to operate. It cannot be used like a daytime scope for use during the day as the powered display is needed to see through the viewfinder.

Does the ATN X-Sight Night Vision Scope come with Mounts?

The X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x comes with the necessary mounts to secure the scope to the rifle. This includes standard 30 mm rings. A quick detach mount is a separate purchase.


The X-Sight 4K Pro is not a new scope, but it is one of the latest makes of the X-Sight remodels. It’s teched-out to the max.

Alternatively, there are the brand new X-Sight LTV 5-15x and X-Sight LTV 3-9x scopes that are worth checking out if you don’t want all the additional, arguably, non-essential features.  But, if you’re going to invest in a digital rifle scope, why not have the digital perks that come with it? It’s cheaper than the Pulsar Digisight Ultra and Digisight Ultra N450 LRF models and is not too much more than the ATN X-Sight LTV models. Not a bad argument, right?

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