Leica Optics: Check Out Our Reviews of their Top Rangefinders & Spotting Scopes (Geovid & CRF)

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leica-logoLeica is one of those brands that when you look through one of their sport optics or cameras, you can’t help but feel like even your own human vision isn’t good enough.  If only they could replace your aging, human eyes for a pair of flawless, exquisite, and celestial ones.

That’s how good they are, and their prices are understandable when compared to their quality.  There’s no comparing when it comes to a brand like Leica.

So, if you’re not in it to buy it, then just tag along for the ride and keep your sticky mitts and drooling to yourself as we cover some exceptional and unmatched features.  Expect the best.  Nothing less than AquaDura coatings, fully multi-coated coatings, bayonet catches, and more.


Leica Spotting Scope Reviews

If you’re wanting high ratings and high reviewer-based spotting scopes, this isn’t the place for you.  Why not?  Because here we are covering one of those brands that few people review online because few people have the money to buy one.

It’s not a Swarovski, it’s not a Zeiss, it’s a Leica.  I’ll cover all the reasons why you should buy one of their spotting scopes and how it’s going to up your hunt like never before.  Be prepared to be broke, because just one of these will wipe your checking account squeaky clean.

Warning: You should probably read these reviews alone without the other half hanging around.  Not everyone will approve of your newly-decided spotting scope budget just like how no one appreciates your very expensive tastes.  Am I right?


How do These Leica Spotting Scopes Compare

Both of these spotting scopes are exquisite optical instruments that any hunter would swipe up in a heartbeat – if it was up for the taking.

Since they both weigh the same, honestly, either spotting scope would do exceptionally well out in the field.  And, with interchangeable eyepieces, the power range would be completely within your control.

You could use the 82 model for range work and even for low light strength while in the hunt.  The 65 model would stand up just as well for the same purposes.

Asking anyone to choose between the two would be like asking, “Which hand looks better on the body, the right or the left one?”.  But, to nail it down, it would come to cost.

For the most affordable option (as if around $2700 is affordable), the APO-Televid 65 with Eyepiece will most likely be your buy. But, if money is no issue, the APO-Televid 82 will serve you and outlive you.  This is a scope that’s made for the field, the range, nature, and the heavens.

But, when all of this is said and done, this isn’t just a spotting scope for the amateur hunter or the casual birder.  This is a serious toy for the serious outdoorsmen.

So, does the Leica Televid live up to your high expectations and all the hype?  If I seriously have to answer this for you, go back and read the reviews again. For the rest of you, if you just got caught red-handed pulling out the credit card – good luck explaining it!


Leica Rangefinder Reviews

Stop and look no further if you’re fed up with having to buy a new rangefinder every hunting season. A Leica rangefinder will see you through season after season.

Wouldn’t it be Shangri-la to have a rangefinder, pair of binoculars, and a computer all in one? The answer is a no-brainer, and I know why you’re here.

No more dealing with low brand names or mediocre products that can compromise your hunting experience. You’re ready to pull out the big guns and the credit card to get the best symbiosis of optics and measuring a rangefinder can offer. From waterproof capabilities to distance measurement, and ballistics, let’s explore what exactly that would look like.

Even with little research, you can’t help but come across Leica when you’re thinking world-class optics, unparalleled distance measurement, and innovative ballistic calculations. Known for their most-advanced products, you’re looking at a world-known brand that gives it their all in everything they do, and that means the optics world too.

Their rangefinders all have the same expectation of quality whether they’re ranging 1,000 or 2,000 yards, if you’re in the woods or on an open plain. They’re rugged and sturdy in construction, yet ergonomic and comfortable to hold and carry around.

They’re all waterproof to varying depths and they share the same pristine multi-coated optics that you can expect to deliver crisp images with 7X magnification powers. So what are some of the best rangefinders they have that can make you drool with lust? You can find out in the reviews below.


How do These Leica Rangefinders Compare?

If you’re a serious rifle user and avid hunter, you’re probably going to want the best, and Leica delivers. Hands-down, the creme de la creme is the Geovid. You’ll have all your target honing, distance measuring, and zooming in capabilities at the touch of your fingertips all in one device.

That doesn’t mean to say that the Rangemaster CRF 1000-R won’t deliver either. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, easy to use rangefinder that still delivers on superb images and distance reading within 1,000 yards, then it’ll be the perfect accessory for you.

The Rangemaster CRF 1600-B is absolutely ideal for your rifle hunting needs, especially if you don’t want to dish out the cash for the Geovid. With almost all the same features the Geovid has to offer, minus the 2,000 reading range, waterproof depth, and price tag, you’ll still have a really nice rangefinder to sport on your next hunting trip.


Leica: Your Best Purchase Yet

Since there’s a lot of really good things to say about Leica’s products, that doesn’t leave much room for any downsides to it. Seriously, it’s hard to knock down a quality product that’s just made to do it all without skimping on features such as readability or functionality.

Although they’re pricier than others on the market, the quality of the optics and superb performance the brand provides quickly outweighs any buyer’s remorse you might have over the price tag. In fact, you’ll find it super difficult to find an unhappy Leica consumer.

By reading this article and the accompanying reviews, you can safely say you’ve done your due diligence to get all the ground-work and research under your belt. Now you can justify your pricey, but best purchase yet, to your other half – but if this line doesn’t work, you might want to consider buying them one to. If that still doesn’t work, perhaps you need to check out our some of our other reviews for an alternative that will be kinder to your bank balance!

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