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Trophy Ridge React Alpha Bow Sight Review: Light Weight, Compact & FAST Sighting In (1 Pin)

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Trophy Ridge Alpha React Bow Sight in Black
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Product Model: React Alpha
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right
Number of Pins: 1-pin
Pin Size: .019
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, Hunting

Trophy Ridge React Alpha Bow Sight

The Alpha is one of the newest additions to the Trophy Ridge React Series of bow sights.  It's sporting a very different and unique pin with its A-frame design to help naturally draw the eye to the center aiming point.  It allows you to react with intention and make your dead-on shot.

As a React model, it has React technology.  The idea is to take two distances and sight it in.  Based on these two distances, the bow sight automatically calculates pin gap between each distance marker in 10-yard increments for the remaining indicators.

React Alpha 1 Pin Bow Sight With Description
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Why is this important?

Well, by allowing for automatically-adjusted and accurate gaps between yardage indicators, you don't have to do any of the math to calculate arrow drop for various distances, React tech does it for you.

This also means you save time when sighting in.  It will be fast and easy.  Test out the accuracy of the rest of the indicators if you're skeptical - just don't be surprised when you're hitting dead-on.

As a mid-level bow sight, it has all-metal housing, 2nd and 3rd adjustable axes, and tool-less micro elevation and windage adjustments - you know, all the normal stuff, right?  Wrong.  These are higher-end features and it’s found on a on a bow sight under $200 - it's a great deal.

Other buyers thought so too when they were able to test out the React tech for themselves - it's a game-changer, and now they’re the Alpha in the hunt.  However, while build quality is certainly up to par, it seems you might want to keep a close eye on the slider so that it doesn't slip out of place even while locked in.


  • Price
  • React tech
  • A-shaped pin design
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • All-metal housing


  • Quality control issues

Trophy Ridge React Alpha 1 Q&A

What are some of the quality control issues with the React Alpha?

As a brand new model to the market, it's a bow sight that's doing extremely well for itself.  It has high-end features with supporting quality to get 'er done.  However, there has been a report that the gear that holds the slider indicator in place fails even with the locking mechanism secured.

If you're not paying attention, this can cost you a successful hunt.

What is Trophy Ridge Customer Service Like?

I've heard good reports about Trophy Ridge.  They're responsive and willing to replace a product to make things right.  Additional accessories can also be acquired by them if you're having trouble with your sight.

What is the A-shaped Pin for?

This is a design preference to help draw the eye to the aiming point of the pin, and naturally, your target.  While it's a unique selling point of the bow sight, it's not the only one in the market.  A lot of tactical style scopes have this inverted V shape pin.

What is the furthest distance the tape goes to?

The yardage tape comes with distances marked out to 100 yards.  However, if you sight in your pin to 20 yards, the pin indicators will only allow you to go out to 60 yards.  The slider is a lot more compact in size and is somewhat limiting, but it's supposed to add to robustness and durability.

Are the Yardage Indicators Fiber Optic?

No.  The yardage indicators are painted on, so visibility may not be as bright as fiber optic ones.  In this case, you may want to take advantage of the bold sight tapes included in the package for quick reference.

Is this a good Hunting Bow Sight?

If you're hunting within typical ranges of 20-60 yards, this will be a great bow sight for fast and instantaneous target acquisition.  However, if you're looking to practice or 3-D shoot beyond those ranges, this isn't the bow sight for you.

YouTube video

Noteworthy Features:

  • React Technology for fast sighting in and accurate pin gaps
  • Great hunting bow sight for typical hunting ranges
  • Inverted V, A-shaped pin design for faster target acquisition
  • Aluminum construction for compact and robust build quality
  • Lightweight, compact and accepts a lens

Our Verdict on the Trophy Ridge React Alpha 1

React Alpha Bow Sight Showing Rheostat Light
Image Credit - Trophy Ridge

Narrowing things down, the React Alpha 1 bow sight makes things simple for the avid hunter.  Get dead-on with an adjustable, inverted V pin to see the target faster and make that shot.  Have the confidence in your pin gaps thanks to React technology and hunt no other way from here on out.

Another React model in the series is the Trio Pro.  This one is unique in design with its two horizontal, fixed pins and a single, vertical, adjustable pin.  Stretch the tape to 100 yards and keep your confidence in your shots with React technology and other features that puts this sight in the high-end market - check it out here.

Warning: if you don't have the extra cash to splurge, you should probably stay where you are.

But, we found another bow sight in and around the same price range and it's just as quirky.  The Apex Gear Covert Pro goes pin-less.  You read that right.  It's a dot sight with an LED illuminated pin with 11 brightness settings.

If you want to open your field of view and change the hunt entirely, the Covert Pro can do it with the same budget you have planned for the React Alpha.

React with intention in the field.  React as an alpha in the hunt.  Does it take an alpha to wield an Alpha?  You tell us.

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