HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XL 5510 Bow Sight Review (Tool Less Adjustments)

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Lite King Pin XL 5510 Bow Sight
Image Credit - HHA Sports

Product Model: KP-XL5510
Type: Sight pin
Dexterity: Right
Number of Pins: 1
Pin Size: .010
Construction: Aluminum

Best Uses: Target shooting, 3-D Archery, Hunting

Update: The HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin (KP-XL5510) has been discontinued by HHA Sports. You might like to check out the Optimizer Ultra DS-XL5510 instead.

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XL Bow Sights

With HHA's long-time reputation of manufacturing some of the best bow sights in the industry, how can they get any better?  They just did with the release of the King Pin XL 5510 bow sight.  This isn't a cheap sight, but everyone says it's more than worth it.  Let's check out how decked-out the King Pin XL is.

First and foremost, the most obvious, stand-out feature are the brass components.  They stand out against the black finish, and with one glance and feel, it shouts high quality.  The precision-machined brass pinion and rack not only allows for smooth use, but it makes for a highly-durable system that ensures accuracy while eliminating slop.

The second feature you'll notice which is something that you'll know if you're familiar with the brand, is the use of their famous sight tape system.  Sight in at 20 and 60 yards, and you can shoot out to the yard at 100 yards.

Shooting out to these long-range distances requires some tight-knit accuracy.  This can be achieved with a magnifier over the sight tape that allows for 1/4 yard adjustments.

But, do you shoot with multiple arrows or draw weight combos?  Not a problem.  The bow sight comes with an interchangeable wheel to have the sight tape appropriate for your shooting situation when you need it.

While target and 3D shooters will love the King Pin, deer hunters can find some convenient features in here too.  The Blind 20 feature allows for a fast return to your 20-yard distance without looking at the dial.  Turn it, and voila - you're back at your "zero."

As you can imagine, no buyer that we could find has stated a flaw against this innovative and high-quality machine.  It's a bow sight that can do it all - no tools needed.


  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Blind 20
  • 100 yard range
  • 1/4 yard adjustments
  • Brass system


  • Price

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XL Q&A:

What are the specs for this King Pin bow sight?

This is the Optimizer Lite King Pin KP-XL5510 model.  It has a .010 pin, 2" housing, fixed position sight frame, and it's the right hand model.  Changing any one of these factors will change the model and product and number.

What is Blind 20 Technology?

Blind 20 is essentially a "zero stop" feature.  It allows you to turn the dial where it will stop at 20 yards, so that your pin will be aligned with 20 yards.  However, you can set the Blind 20 to stop at whatever yardage you set it to.

Is Pin Brightness Adjustable?

Yes.  The bow sight comes with a mechanical rheostat to control brightness of the .010 fiber optic pin.

What is Blue Burst?

Blue Burst is a light that is sold separately.  It lights up the yardage tape when you're in low-light conditions or in dark blinds for when your eyes get tired or old and are having difficulty reading your tape.

What is the Magnifier on the HHA Optimizer Lite Sight?

The magnifier is a small piece of glass placed between the wheel and the bracket to magnify the numbers on the sight tape.  It also magnifies the 1/4-yard marks to make seeing adjustments on the sight tape much easier.

What is the HHA Interchangeable Wheel for?

A sight tape is only accurate for the arrow and draw weight you have for a specific setup.  If you were to use another arrow or draw weight combinations, you'd need the appropriate sight tape for that specific scenario.

You can take your two most-used types of arrows and find the appropriate sight tape for each.  Apply one to one wheel and the other one to the second wheel.  Attach the wheel to the sight for the specific bow you want to use.  Change it out when it you want to use the other arrow.

Does the King Pin XL have 3rd adjustable axis?

For a bow sight to cost this much, you bet it does.

Does the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin sight accept a lens?

Yes, the King Pin XL bow sight does accept the Lens Kit X sold separately.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Single moveable pin with innovative features
  • 2.1" vertical travel adjustment to hit long yardage distances
  • Mechanical rheostat to control pin brightness
  • Fully protected fiber optics
  • 100% HHA Lifetime Warranty

Our Verdict on the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XL

Narrowing things down, the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin XL 5510 bow sight is the cat's meow.  Yes, it's expensive, but it has features never before seen on another bow sight, and these features have been executed flawlessly.  If there's a top-dog bow sight that's made for extreme accuracy at long distance ranges, it's the King Pin XL which is why we have rated it as the top single pin bow sight in our line-up.

Lite King Pin XL 5510 Sight
Image Credit - HHA Sports

But, not everyone has the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on a bow sight.  No worries, HHA offers the Optimizer Lite OL-5519 bow sight at a much more attractive price.  Shoot out to 80 yards, stick on water-resistant tape, and make micro adjustments without tools.  It’s a sweet sight for sore eyes.

Scouring the market for high-end bow sights?  An alternative to consider is the IQ Sights IQ Define.  It's about as pricey as the King Pin, but it's different, too.  The Define is a range finding bow sight that allows for acquiring distances out to 99 yards, and it adjusts for angles.

It has an integrated sight light, five .019 pins, and tool-free micro adjustment locking knobs. You can find out everything you need to know about the IQ Define in this review.

If you're shopping to spend this amount of money on a bow sight, then you must be a serious shooter.  Only put your money on the best, tested, and proved-to-be-true gear.  It takes a King to be a King shooter.

Update: The HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin (KP-XL5510) has been discontinued by HHA Sports. You might like to check out the Optimizer Ultra DS-XL5510 instead.

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