Leupold Yosemite 6×30 BX-1 Binoculars – Model #172703

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Leupold Yosemite 6X30 binocularsMagnification: 6X
Power Variability: Fixed
Objective Diameter: 30 mm
Close Focus Distance: 10 feet
Dimensions: 4.6 (L) inches
Weight: 17 ounces
Field of View: 420 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 18.5 mm/ 5 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Glass: BAK-4
Prism System: Porro
Focus System: Center
Waterproof/Fog-proof: Yes/No
Eye cups: Twist up
Tripod adaptable: No
Rangefinder: No

Best Uses: Hunting, Wildlife Observation, Event Observation, Sight Seeing

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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Leupold BX-1 Yosemite Binocular Review

This small and compact Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 6X30 has fully multi-coated lens with L-Coat BAK4 Prisms that’s been put together with Leupold’s Synergy Built technology. It’s low 50mm IPD, 5mm exit pupil, and 420 wide field of view ensures that you can get optimal optical performance from this serious high-performing but user-friendly binocular.

But, what do buyers say about this Yosemite? For such a small thing, it has an impressive rating and a solid number of reviews! As you can tell, buyers love the binocular and as the most talked about and one of the most affordable binoculars in the Leupold range, it’s more than deserving of an in-depth review.

I know I threw out a lot of acronyms and Leupold jargon at you back in the opening statement about the fantastic, little Yosemite. So, to get you up and hip with the know-how and how-to, please study the Q&A.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent optic specs
  • Long eye relief

  • Not fogproof


BX-1 Yosemite 6X30 Binocular Q&A:

What does Synergy Built mean?

This little Yosemite might look like a humble little binocular at first, but once you take it down to its skeleton, you’ll find there’s a lot going on. Leupold created a unique team dedicated to improving innovative technology for higher performing optics that are worthy of your attention.

So, what does this entail?

The best Leupold binoculars have been constructed under the Synergy Built project. This means that every step of its manufacturing, from its glass acquirement to shelf-stocking, was intentional, scrutinized, and managed.

Every ingenious detail was deliberate, every in-house processing step was observed intimately, and every square inch had to pass quality control to determine if the final product, this seemingly mere Yosemite, meets Leupold standards. And, it needs to be if it’s going to maintain their top-shelf reputation.


What is IPD?

IPD means Interpupillary Distance. This distance is measured from one pupil to the other. Because everyone’s eyes are set at different distances, the best binoculars should come adjustable with a good range of IPD to provide the best custom fit for the user.

This Yosemite has a low IPD of 50mm that can get narrow enough for a child to adjust comfortably for their use. It also has a high IPD of 70mm that’s fully capable of meeting most adult’s IPD needs. Keep in mind that full-size binoculars typically have an IPD range of anywhere between 55-75 mm, so this Yosemite pretty much covers it all.


Is the 6×30 Yosemite a good binocular for children to use?

This Yosemite isn’t a full-size binocular. It has smaller dimensions that are excellent for smaller users or for a hunting pro who wants something a little more compact without losing out on optical performance.

This user-friendly sized Yosemite has the wide IPD range that will turn it into a kid-friendly optic to a serious device in a matter of a few seconds. It’s lower magnification gives an impressive wide field of view for a compact device with an ideal amount of exit pupil to stay out a little longer.

Without being “made for kids” where you’d typically see cheap materials with no optical abilities at all, this is made with quality and superior optical performance that’s still an excellent tool for your children, if that’s your intention. Otherwise, I’d stow it away and hide it from the kids if it’s meant to be yours.


What is L-Coat BAK4 Prisms?

This porro prism binocular uses BAK4 glass to enhance its optical performance. One of the tell-tale signs of BAK4 prisms is the nice, round exit pupil you’ll see when you hold up the binocular to a bright light and back away from the ocular. But, the L-Coat… let’s talk a little about that.

L-Coat is a specially-formulated glass coating that’s made to enhance light transmission and to keep chromatic aberration to an absolute minimum. And, it’s not only on this roughly $130 binocular, it’s also on their flagship line, the BX-3 Mojaves.

It’s their proprietary cold fusion, highly reflective prism mirror coating. On the Mojave, it’s a fact that it gets applied 64 times! As you would expect, their recipe for this cutting-edge coating technology is top secret, but there’s been rumor that it has a silver-based compound in the formula that gives it its reflective properties.

What does this mean for you? Bright, clear, and chromatic aberration-free glass for the best image quality whether you’re looking through a $500 Leupold binocular or a $130 one.


What are the differences between this Yosemite and the Yosemite Clamshell?

The Yosemite line also includes a few other models in its series. But first, let me inform you of what’s available with this particular 6X30 Yosemite. It’s available with two finishes: black and natural.

The natural finish is more like a light khaki green with a hue of beige mixed in there. There’s also the 8X30 and the 10X30 model available for a little more magnification.

Now, within the same line there is also the 10X30 and the 8X30 Yosemite Clamshell binoculars. The only differences between the Clamshell and Yosemite is the packaging and finish options.

The Yosemite Clamshell 8X32 also has a Mossy Oak Treestand finish that’s well-received. The Clamshell also has more compact packaging that makes it the preferred option for retailers that only have so much room on their shelves. Other than that, they’re optically identical.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Twist up eye cups and wide IPD range provides a true custom fit for any user
  • L-Coat BAK-4 prisms for leading-industry glass quality
  • Fully multi-coated lenses provide maximum light transmission for bright, clear images
  • Small, compact, and light weight design for all-purpose use
  • Available in Natural finish
  • Manufactured under the Synergy Built project
  • Armored body for heavy use and easy gripping
  • Backed by Leupold’s Full or Limited Lifetime Guarantee


Our Verdict on Leupold’s 6×30 BX-1 Yosemite Binoculars

To glass it up, the Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 6X30 binoculars are top-notch for their price range. The luxury L-coatings are definitely what kicks it up a notch. Far from being a child’s toy, the Yosemite is perfect for use in the hands of a smaller hunter. Its excellent field of view, long eye relief, and close focus distance benefits outweigh the fact that it’s not completely fog-proof.

For a fog-proof binocular in the Leupold family, you’ll want to check out the Rogue 8X25 binocular. Yeah, it’s different. You can tell that by just one look. But, you can justify its lack of aesthetic appeal with the low cost and retaining the compact specs.

The Yosemite is definitely one of the best hunters binoculars for the money. Isn’t that what Leupold is all about? Well, they certainly delivered and they delivered it well!

Leupold BX-1 Yosemite Binocular, 6x30mm (172703)
18 Reviews
Leupold BX-1 Yosemite Binocular, 6x30mm (172703)
  • Leopold model #172703 Bx-1 Yosemite 6x30mm in shadow Gray
  • 100% waterproof, Fog proof, & shockproof



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