Barska Point n View 8×32 Review- Binocular & Camera Hybrid (Model AH11410)

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barska point n view 8x32 binocularsMagnification: 8X
Power Variability: Fixed
Objective Diameter: 32 mm
Close Focus Distance: 16.4 feet
Dimensions: not listed
Weight: 13.76 ounces
Field of View: 330 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: not listed/4 mm
Optics Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
Glass: not listed
Prism System: Roof
Focus System: Center
Waterproof/Fog-proof: No/No
Eye cups: Fold up
Tripod adaptable: No
Rangefinder: No

Best Uses: Birdwatching, Wildlife Observation, Photography

Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Barska Point ‘n View Binocular Review

This Barska Point ‘n View 8X32 is a binocular and a camera in one device, has a 1.5 inch flip-up flat screen monitor, 8 megapixel built in digital camera and is very light weight, all built into a roof prism binocular.

Online, it has a very average rating but review numbers are still fairly small, so it might yet see some better days.

Despite it’s below average rating, the binocular-camera combo had me too curious to pass up the opportunity to review. It seems like Barska’s got a good idea going, but can they deliver it with quality? With the Q&A, we’re about to find out.


  • Color screen display
  • 1-4X zoom camera
  • Digital recording
  • Lightweight
  • Software included

  • Not weatherproof


Point ‘n View 8×32 Binocular Q&A:

What is the flip up camera on the 8×32 Point n View?

The Point N’ View can go from being a 8X32 binocular to a 1-4X zoom camera with a flip up 1.5 inch TFT color screen. As a camera, you can take photographs and even video recordings.


How do you use the binocular as a camera?

You focus the binocular as you would normally for your eyes with the diopter and center focus wheel. Doing this adjustment first will guarantee a focused image when using as a binocular and then as a camera/video recorder.

When you’re ready to use the screen, there are a max of four buttons to intuitively take you through the modes, zoom, and camera shots. Just flip the screen up and you’re ready to go.


What accessories are included and needed for Barska’s Point n View binocular camera?

When you get to the exciting part of opening the box, expect to see a lens cleaning cloth, carrying case, a USB cable, and Photo Manipulation Software.

But, to get the maximum potential out of the binocular cam, you should purchase an SD card to save your pics and videos. It will also provide for extended recording times of your favorite wildlife hot spot.


Is this 8×32 Point n View binocular for hunting?

The technology would be a great tool for hunting.

You could get pictures and videos of your target before it became your trophy allowing you to treasure these moments forever. Glass the area prior to your hunt and take it home to watch for potential set up spots.

You could also spot things you missed in person that could change the entire prep process forever.

But, while it seems like it might be the ideal Barska hunting binocular on paper, in reality, it doesn’t seem to be a hit with the outdoorsman.

There have been complaints of being unable to focus the binocular and the camera sufficiently to be able to use both applications to attain a sharp, bright, and focused image.

It’s also not waterproof or fog-proof so there may be some complications if you live in a humid environment or if you’re going to run into some bad weather.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a binocular for hunting you would probably find some better options here –


What is the power source of this Point N’ View?

It takes three AAA batteries. This is convenient since you literally can find these everywhere. But, that’s a lot of batteries to be carrying around, especially since it can add some extra weight.

There’s also some complaint that the binocular camera hybrid sucks a lot of juice. It might be a pain to have to carry around a whole pack of AAA’s for that just-in-case moment.

A CR2 lithium ion battery could sure come in handy right about now.


Noteworthy Features:

  • 1.5″ TFT color screen display for instant viewing
  • 1-4X camera power zoom for close range viewing
  • Extend storage space and video recording with purchase of an SD card
  • 8 Megapixel digital camera with video recording displayed on a flip up flat screen monitor
  • Lightweight device with fully multi-coated green lenses
  • Comes with USB 1.1 port and USB cable that’s compatible with a PC
  • CD with PC Driver and Editing Software included
  • Backed by Barska’s 1-Yr Limited Lifetime Warranty


Our Verdict on the Barska Point ‘n View

To glass it up, the Point N View 8X32 is a unique binocular indeed. It mightn’t do both camera and glassing well at the same time, but you can depend on it if you’re wanting to snap a pic of that trophy of a lifetime.

If all the digiscope action goes far above your hunting needs, sticking with the popular 10X42 platform will serve you well. The Barska Air View binocular is in and around this price range, and you’ll be able to show proof of your trophy by snapping your rifle out at the right time.

You can’t really compare the camera capabilities of this Point N View binocular. So, we’ll up the ante with quality glass instead. In keeping with the same optic specs, the Vortex Raptor 8.5X32 has quality that Barska lacks. It’s all in the glass baby, and it’s cheaper!

Trust Barska to throw out innovative optics for the outdoorsman. If birding and observing sounds like your kinda thing, the Point N View might just get you snapping and saving pictures you’ve never seen before! But, if you are just after a quality, low budget hunting binocular, I think you would probably do better with one of these ones under $100 here.

BARSKA 8x32 Binocular & Built-In 8.0 MP Digital Camera
36 Reviews
BARSKA 8x32 Binocular & Built-In 8.0 MP Digital Camera
  • 1.5-Inch TFT color screen flips up for viewing camera images and menu choices
  • Menu/Control panel to command different camera functions



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