The Best Target Archery Sights To Get You On Target In 2019

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The Best Archery Sights for Target and 3DAre you dipping your toes in the field and 3D archery world?

Taking up indoor target archery as a hobby?

There is no set standard for what the best archery sight is because there are different demands for various archery activities.

But, there are some options we reveal in our lineup that you may want to consider for the features they have.

While this is in no way a comprehensive list of what’s available to you, these are some of our favorites.

Come along with us as we explore our archery sight lineup and what features you should look out for!


QUICK LIST: Best  Target Archery Bow Sights 2019

  1. Burris Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight
  2. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL
  3. Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro
  4. IQ Bowsights Micro
  5. Garmin Xero A1 (Honorable Mention)


Best Target Archery Bow Sight Comparison

tt-table__imageBurris Oracle Rangefinding Bow
  • Type: Digital
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
  • Price Range: Under $1000
tt-table__imageSpot Hogg Fast Eddie XL
  • Type: Sight pin (2-pin)
  • Dexterity: Right
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageTrophy Ridge React Trio Pro
  • Type: Sight pin (3-pin)
  • Dexterity: Right
  • Price Range: Under $300
tt-table__imageIQ Bowsights Micro
  • Type: Sight pin (3-pin, 7-pin)
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
  • Price Range: Under $100
tt-table__imageGarmin Xero A1 Auto Ranging Sight
  • Type: Digital
  • Dexterity: Left/Right
  • Price Range: Under $800


There are different classes of 3D archery that will demand something different from your sight.  Some competitions disqualify single-pin sights and others will allow you to use whatever sight you want.

Then you have both indoor and outdoor target archery that may require you to consider different features of a sight.  You may want a water-resistant sight for outdoor use, and you may want to think about if your sight will double as a bowhunting scope for when hunting season is near.

Field archery can be a lot of fun with shooting targets at various distances.  But, if you want to get dead-on with uphill and downhill shots, you may need a few features that you could technically go without on a target shooting sight.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to define what the best target archery bow sight will be when there’s different demands and qualifications around every corner depending on your specific activity.  The best you can do is narrow down what type of shooting activity you’re interested in and set a defined budget.

Competition sights professionals use are expensive.  The options in our lineup are geared towards beginner to intermediate shooters with a couple of high-end option thrown in just to make you drool.

However, it must be said that you are responsible for researching if the archery bow target sight you like will qualify for your specific competition and shooting needs.  We provide the lineup, you decide what’s best!


Our 4 Top Target Archery Sights (+1 Honorable Mention!)


Burris Oracle Rangefinder Bow Sight

Burris Optics Oracle Bowsight - Rangefinding Bow Sight, Compatible with Arrow...
8 Reviews
Burris Optics Oracle Bowsight - Rangefinding Bow Sight, Compatible with Arrow...
  • Laser rangefinder – the Oracle bow sight has a built in rangefinder that displays the exact aiming point at any distance or shot angle, increasing accuracy.
  • Exact aiming point for any distance – At the push of a button, The Oracle calculates the exact aiming point for the distance and angle of your shot, even while at full...
  • All-aluminum bow sight – count on the rugged and durable aluminum construction with locking micro adjustment knobs and no glass to glare, Scratch or fog.
  • Reliable archery tools – with a fixed 20-yard pin and vertical bar, you have confidence pin is exactly where it needs to be every time. A default pin Array gives you...
  • Calibrates to your compound bow – the Oracle learns your arrows trajectory. Store two different trajectory curves for different arrows or draw weights or switch between...

Yes, it’s one of the most expensive target bow sights we’ve reviewed, but it can be so worth it if you’re seriously considering it.  What features does the Oracle have?  What doesn’t it have?  Merely saying it’s a single-pin, moveable sight is an injustice.  Saying it’s a 2-in-1 rangefinder bow sight is an injustice.

So, what statement will describe the Oracle accurately?  It does it all.  It measures.  It predicts.  It wins.  What does this mean?  You’ll have to see what innovative Burris tech is revealed in the full review if you’re curious.

This Burris sight has so much to offer.  It’s the kind of sight that demands respect and is likely only seen in the hands of a professional archer.  What do you say?  Are you good enough to wield it?

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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Wrapped Bow Sight Double 2-Pin .019 Right Hand
16 Reviews
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Wrapped Bow Sight Double 2-Pin .019 Right Hand
  • Fast Eddie XL Long Bar
  • Single Pin - Green and Yellow
  • .019 Pin Size
  • Right Hande

If you’re dabbling in both bow hunting and target shooting, the Fast Eddie XL could be your double-purpose sight.  Speaking of doubles, the single-pin setup on this model actually features the double pin design.  Not sure what that is?  Our full review will explain.

The Fast Eddie XL has seen some upgraded features that are new for the brand that includes its Rack Stop and 6″ dovetail bar.  It also has Spot Hogg’s MRT technology that ensures you have the best sight picture as ambient light changes.

It doesn’t take much convincing to nudge a shooter Spot Hogg’s way.  The brand has history, a well-known reputation, and quality behind their products.  They’re worth checking out!

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Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight RH .019 Black
11 Reviews
Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Sight RH .019 Black
  • Mathematical precision of React Technology automatically adjusts all pins to the optimal location
  • Make easy corrections with advanced 100% tool-less micro adjustment
  • Strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third-axis leveling
  • Ultra-bright .019 fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility
  • Adjust the brightness to suit any shooting condition with the rheostat light

It’s a single-pin, no, multi-pin bow sight.  What is it really?  The React Trio Pro is a 3-pin bow sight.  It has the foundational features that would make it a great sight for both indoor and outdoor target shooting, and it would prove worthy for field archery too.

But, it’s no ordinary 3-pin sight.  It has a floater pin that moves and can be set in the same way as a single-pin sight.  Extend your distances for long-range targets, and account for angles with the 3rd adjustable axis.

This Trophy Ridge will help you take a trophy home in your next shoot.  Be prepared to react accurately with React technology on the Trio Pro.

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IQ Bowsights Micro

IQ Bowsights 3-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Right Hand
104 Reviews
IQ Bowsights 3-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Right Hand
  • RETINA LOCK TECHNOLOGY - Controls muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing you to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. Provides instant feedback that will...
  • MICRO ADJUST KNOBS - Allowing quick and simple adjustment of the elevation and windage to precise positions using the adjustment markings. The TOOL FREE LOCKING KNOBS...
  • RIGHT HAND, 3 PINS - .019 Fiber Optic Pins. Stack tight pins, built-in sight level
  • DUAL POSITION MOUNT - Gives you the ability to mount your sight to your particular shooting style

An underdog sight earns a place in the lineup.  It might be under $100 but it doesn’t mean that it’s not any good.  The Micro isn’t anything flashy, but it will help you get addicted to shooting off arrow after arrow.

Take the Micro indoors or outdoors and give target archery a go.  The Retina Lock technology will help guide you to correct form and reduce torque.  While it might not be suitable for 3D competitions, it’s right within a beginner’s a scope of affordability and functionality to get their feet wet in target shooting.

Archery is about more than competitions – it can be about discovering your passion and having fun.  The IQ Micro can certainly help you pave your own path.

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Garmin Xero A1 (Honorable Mention)

Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight, 2' Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight, LED Pins for...
46 Reviews
Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight, 2" Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight, LED Pins for...
  • Auto-ranging digital bow sight automatically measures distance to the target and provides an LED pin for the shot
  • LED pins allow you to clearly see your target, unobstructed by physical pins
  • Silent single-button trigger requires minimal movement; lets you range at rest or full draw up to 100 yards on game or up to 300 yards on reflective targets
  • Customizable for single-pin and multi-pin configurations or manual pin selection

The Garmin Xero A1 sight is a very expensive, digital gadget.  You can bet it has a built-in rangefinder, angle compensation, and customizable pin setup.  If you’re a techy kinda person, you might feel comfortable wielding it without too much fidgeting in the field as it’s not for everyone.

But, how can you say no to a 2-in-1 sight, .007″ pin dots, and specialized glass coatings to ensure the best sight picture possible?  Go ahead, check it out.

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What to Look for in a Target Archery Sight

It goes without saying you need to know what you want out of your archery bow target sights.  Is it long-range capability, the ability to use a lens kit for a magnified view, or is it the digital features that will do it on the 3D range?

You’ll also have to consider if the features you’re after for competition use can work for the hunt as well – if that’s what you want out of your sight.  Be activity and feature specific and you won’t be disappointed.  Here’s a quick guide to get you started on brainstorming what features may be important to you.

  • Build Quality: You might find some archery sights can afford to be heavier than hunting ones. While you might not be so concerned with it being dropped or rained on, a solid build may speak to a sight’s quality.  Just because you may not abuse it like you would in a hunt, it doesn’t mean you should go cheap and plastic here.
  • Single VS Multi-Pin: Most of the time, this factor depends on what your preferences are. However, some competitions may disqualify you from using one type of sight over another.  Be sure you know what the competition regulations are before deciding on a specific type.
  • Budget: Spend as much as you are serious about. Professional archers will tend to spend top dollar on professional equipment.  If you’re trying to discover what type of shooting you like and what competitions you’re interested in, stay within your budget.  Usually, you want to spend more than $100 on a quality archery sight.
  • Legality: Not only do you need to make sure you have a suitable sight for your archery competitions, but if you plan on using it for bowhunting, you’ll have to check with the regulations there too. Many states in the USA have restrictions on specific features of a sight that is used for the hunt.  Inform yourself.


Have a Shoot-Off!

Put together your own bow sight lineup and have a shoot-off.

In individual competition formats, a shoot-off happens when there is a tie.  If you can’t decide which is the best sight for your archery needs, put them to the test with your nifty fieldcraft skills.

Whichever lands closest to the middle wins!


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